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“Bruce is an exceptional individual! His SEO knowledge along with his passion to assist others makes him a one-of-a-kind marketing resource. He puts the intricate pieces of the SEO puzzle into place, so that I can focus my energies on my area of expertise with the absolute knowing that my business is at the top of search lists! I never really saw the benefits of search engine optimization until I started working with Bruce. Deepest appreciation!”

Theresa Puskar


“It’s great to work with Bruce Jones. He is determined to deliver results no matter of the obstacles down the road. Easy to reach By phone, email or Zoom meetings. Quick response time. Highly recommend”

Kal P

Are you a Boston business struggling to compete and appear for local search results? Then, you likely need the services of an expert SEO consultant Boston.

Do you search for your business on your PC or phone and are surprised that even you can’t find where Google put your business’ Maps pin or local business information? Unfortunately, Google no longer considers publishing a website with a default homepage and a few other generic pages sufficient grounds for surfacing businesses in coveted spots on the first page.

Boston markets are naturally competitive, with countless other businesses performing search engine optimization to reach more customers from the city and nearby areas; it’s not surprising that non-optimized websites struggle the most.

An SEO consultant Boston can help improve your business outlook this year and beyond by employing time-testing strategies that work. The type of Boston SEO your website will receive will depend on several factors, and each one needs time to develop and propagate. So don’t waste time guessing how to get to the top.

Connect with an SEO consultant Boston with seventeen years of experience today and make every hour of SEO count.

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“Bruce Jones was incredibly knowledgeable in helping us with our Website SEO and Google Business Profile. We are very grateful!”

Lindsay Blades


“After hiring expert after expert who did not do anything for my sites, I found Bruce. In just one hour, I learned more actionable SEO steps from him than I have over the last 6 years of my own DIY research. He wants you to be successful and you can tell he knows exactly what to do to get your there.”

Jackelyn Ho


“Thank you for helping us set up our language school’s Google my Business in the Philippines. Great help, salute!”

Keynes International

What Does an SEO Consultant Boston Do?

An SEO consultant Boston is a digital marketing strategist with a clear understanding of how search engine activity affects the inbound marketing success of intelligent businesses. SEO consultants have the combined capabilities of SEO specialists, SEO account managers, and SEO analytics experts. They occupy the top rung of the hierarchy and often handle myriad administrative tasks that ensure that ongoing SEO campaigns work well.

An SEO consultant Boston oversees, implements, and further develops SEO campaigns for professionals and businesses. Businesses task consultants with many responsibilities, including keyword strategy, content strategy, Google Analytics 4, and general digital marketing efforts. Other functions/tasks include:

Boston SEO Services
  •       Creating an SEO strategy and organizing its rollout
  •       Optimizing a website for organic traffic to increase ROI
  •       Formulate a keyword strategy aligned with business objectives.
  •       Connect with customers to facilitate feedback and social proof.
  •       Helping your business generate more leads
  •       Formulating effective upsells.
  •       Identify and study SEO metrics.
  •       Perform technical SEO on your website and monitor bounce rate, clickthrough rate, redirected links, broken links, etc.
  •       Making SEO reports
  •       Improve customer engagement by developing a buyer persona.
  •       Identify marketing weaknesses and work on these gaps.
  •       Provide suggestions and recommendations to increase output and performance.
  •       Recommend SEO best practices and communicate the same to stakeholders and team members, including web developers, web designers, copywriters, etc.

Take the First Step in SEO with a Website Audit

When an SEO expert performs a website audit, they do so with the primary objective of identifying errors and flaws that prevent your website from ranking. A website audit reveals all the aspects of a website. The Boston SEO consultant then notes the technical SEO problems and recommends fixes for these issues.

  •       Website audits have many functions and parts:
  •       It helps verify that Google and other search engines like Bing can crawl and index site pages and content.
  •       It helps the SEO professional find and fixes your site’s on-page SEO issues
  •       Website audits also involve checking the state of backlinks to digital properties.The SEO consultant’s job is to make sense of what websites                  have been linking to your website thus far and how these backlinks affect your site’s health overall.
  •       Evaluating if the website offers a good customer experience and works as intended.
  •       Using information from the website audit to formulate an on-page SEO strategy
  •       Website audits help SEO consultants prepare the off-page campaign specifics.
  •       It reveals duplicate content across pages you may have already forgotten about.
  •       Data from website audits also make accurate SEO reports possible.

What happens when an SEO consultant Boston does not perform a website audit at least yearly on your digital business?

  1. Your business may not get target traffic and sales because of site health issues.
  2. Search engines may no longer be indexing your content correctly.
  3. Your website may receive Google penalties that have yet to be addressed.

Concisely, website audits reveal where your website is leaking money, and all that information helps SEO professionals create solutions.

Types of SEO Services for Boston Professionals and Businesses

I offer a full-range of consulting services, which are always customized and adapted to the client’s specific business needs. A client with little to no current SEO work is much different than someone who already has been doing digital marketing for years and just needs to refresh his strategy or shift from an agency to consulting. My work includes:
Local SEO

Local SEO works for Boston businesses because most searches nowadays are also locally oriented. What this means is that people are looking for businesses that are closest to their location, and they want products/services fast.

In addition, the birth of micro-moments due to better mobile technology has birthed several classes of online customers who are more impatient and urgent than ever before. The big question is: are these customers finding your business at the right time, and do they gain satisfaction from your online presence? Local SEO can address this.

SEO Writing Services

SEO writing is more than just putting words on the page. SEO copy needs to be targeted, optimized, and written with the target user’s intention and customer. Without these factors, the text will not serve its purpose regardless of how long the content is. SEO writing services address on-page SEO issues and the content needs for off-page campaigns. A website without content is simply a husk; there’s nothing to optimize, and for customers, there is nothing to visit and read.

eCommerce SEO

Millions of people use search engines to locate the goods and services they require every hour. However, most search engine users never see beyond page one of SERPs. So there’s a good chance that you’ve come across the term SEO as a small business owner looking into marketing strategies.

As an eCommerce business owner, you’re likely well aware of the abundance of rival businesses that aim to attract the same clientele. However, people need to be able to discover your goods and services online even if they have never heard of your company before. eCommerce SEO aids in attracting customers who are actively looking for your goods and services online.

Incorporating an efficient e-commerce SEO strategy into your business plan and website will increase traffic, exposure, and sales. Optimizing a website for online sales is like optimizing it for any other website. Similar, but not identical.

eCommerce SEO facilitates the efficient crawling and indexing of your website regardless of the competition. Boston eCommerce SEO is the ideal way to attract more people to visit your online store without spending any money on Google Ads.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile SEO should not be overlooked when developing your overall SEO strategy with an SEO consultant in Boston. Mobile optimization for your Boston website guarantees that every page and piece of content looks perfect regardless of the device. With mobile phones being the number one traffic source nowadays, you need to optimize for smaller gadgets and the more traditional desktop setup with larger displays.

With Google’s shift to a mobile-first indexing strategy, your site must be optimized for mobile use. This means that the mobile version of your site, rather than the desktop version, will be crawled by the algorithm for indexing and ranking purposes in search engine results pages.

While not entirely separate, mobile SEO requires special attention to factors like page speed, responsive design, local search engine optimization, and the production of high-quality content that any device can access.

You can think of schema markup as a subset of microdata. For example, schema markup generates a more detailed description (also called a rich snippet) that regularly appears in different SERPs when added to a webpage. With the helpful content update in tow, it is now more crucial than ever to have adequately implemented schema markup.

Note, however, that microdata doesn’t have a direct impact on SERPs. What we’re after with schema markup is getting your pages to rank for rich snippets.

High clickthrough rates are correlated with increased exposure. Microdata is a set of tags designed to simplify the process of adding machine-readable tags to HTML elements. Because of its simplicity, microdata is a good starting point for newcomers.

The one drawback of microdata is that it requires you to mark each item on your site. Under inexperienced hands, microdata or schema markup can quickly get messy, so we highly recommend you work with an SEO consultant in Boston to implement schema markup neat and organized way on your website.

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Is Your Business Ready for SEO Boston?

The goal of search engine optimization (SEO) is to increase the visibility of a website in search engine results by increasing the relevance of its content to specific search terms. It’s the steps you take to increase your site’s chances of receiving free, unpaid visits from search engines like Google.

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An SEO strategy for your Boston business is essential to keep your digital marketing activities aligned with your business strategies. It helps update your website and ensures that whatever pages and content you produce are perfect for those looking for a website like yours. SEO is also at the heart of content marketing, as content is the center of your onsite optimization efforts.

Search engine crawlers will have more difficulty indexing your site, determining your authority in your niche, and ranking your site pages if the content is disorganized and difficult to navigate.

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