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Bruce Jones SEO is an SEO consulting company that offers business owners and entrepreneurs the opportunity to get advice on their business development strategy, including specific consulting on search engine optimization and digital marketing. SEO consulting offers a huge benefit to businesses, in that it evaluates their business’s digital and overall strategy and creates and implements an action plan to tackle short and long term targets for growth. 

SEO consulting in Brooklyn, NY 

You may be wondering what exactly it is that an SEO consultant does. Essentially, my job entails discovering opportunities for improving your online presence, which translates to exposure and sales. I will analyze your current presence and devise a strategy to ensure that it aligns with your business goals. 

Traditionally, businesses have turned to digital marketing agencies for this kind of work. However, outsourcing can be inefficient and expensive – I know this because I used to run my own agency. I realized that working with a consultant allows businesses to work much more closely with their marketer, and really understand what is going on, not to mention cut costs and get more work done for their money. 

With that reasoning in mind, I created my business with a goal of finding a better way to do SEO. Originally based in Chicago, my business has grown to include several locations throughout the country, including a local office in Brooklyn, NY. 

My Brooklyn SEO services

I offer a full-range of consulting services, which are always customized and adapted to the client’s specific business needs. A client with little to no current SEO work is much different than someone who already has been doing digital marketing for years and just needs to refresh his strategy or shift from an agency to consulting. My work includes: 

  • Website audits
  • Content creation, blog posts, landing pages, press releases 
  • Website creation 
  • Keyword research
  • Social media strategy
  • Analytics and monitoring 
  • Local SEO strategy and GMB account optimization
  • GMB management 
  • Website management and maintenence

With my variety of consulting options, you can choose to hire me as your New York SEO consultant for a specific need within my services, or more commonly bring me on board to consult and decide which mix of services you will benefit from.  I will run a full website audit and competitor analysis, and create a step-by-step plan for the work that needs to be done. If you are in the process of starting a business, I can also come on board before the business and website are formally set up, to advise on the creation process and get you set up for success.

Work with an SEO consultant for a better way to do SEO

One of the most important elements of SEO that I always emphasize is the personalization that goes into SEO strategy. No two businesses are the same, and thus there is always a need for a custom SEO plan. In order to get the highest ROI, you need a consultant who will prioritize the SEO elements that will help boost your business the most, and focus on the others, which will be less beneficial down the road. 

It is also important for your consultant to consider the chances and innovations within the SEO industry, as constant evolution and rapid changes mean that business need to switch up their techniques. What worked two years ago isn’t going to have the same effect today. 

Is Brooklyn SEO consulting right for you?

Ultimately, you need to hire an SEO service that understands your business and your personal goals. I cater especially to business owners and entrepreneurs – being one myself, I feel that I can relate and understand their particular needs. Most importantly, I know the passion that goes into the creation of their business, and the importance of working with effective individuals who can make a change in their business. This also allows for me to get more work done when I can discuss directly with the decision maker. I also specialize in SEO for local businesses and service providers. 

My Brooklyn SEO services company offers a free consultation to all those who are interested. During this meeting, I will get to know your business and goals, and you can learn more about me, so that we both can ensure that we are a good fit and understand what our partnership will entail. Get in touch to book your free consultation, and I will give you an action plan during that meeting to tell you what SEO work needs to get done.