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“Bruce helped me run through a number of technical SEO issues I was experiencing. He was very responsive and professional, and met the same day I sent a request a meeting. Thank Bruce for being there when I needed help, and providing valuable information for me in me SEO endeavors.”

Dain Sundstedt


“Bruce Jones was kind enough to spend more than an hour of his valuable time with me discussing SEO, optimization and strategies I could use to begin building my own websites. Truly appreciative for the advice from an SEO consultant and expert. Thanks again, Bruce.”

Robert Thomas


“Bruce Jones is my “GO TO GUY” when it comes to SEO. He understands what a positive customer experience is all about. Bruce also works well with people like me who are experiential learners. You only have to mention something to him once and he gets it done!”

Alan Adler

Do you need someone with extensive digital marketing experience manage Google ads for you? It might surprise many that an inbound marketing specialist could effectively manage Google ads for businesses.

Many of the principles that work best with Google Ads can be found in inbound marketing, so the two can complement each other. You benefit from both worlds when you hire a Google Ads expert with agency SEO experience. Such an expert will help you manage Google Ads accounts and help you create a winning strategy.  

You can manage Google Ads best when you work with a Google ads expert with 20 years of experience helping innovative companies grow. A Google ads expert who also knows inbound marketing and SEO can help you scale your business as he helps manage Google ads for you. When you manage Google ads effectively and efficiently, you benefit from being able to optimize and maximize your Google Ads budget.

Bruce Jones SEO partners with Sitely Media for this fantastic new effort to help businesses shine in the most competitive markets.

While Google Ads is generally against our religion (since we believe that SEO is the long-term solution), we completely understand if a business needs to get leads or sales fast. In addition, Google Ads can work more quickly than SEO since they don’t need to be measured or graded before being displayed by the search engine.

It’s even better when you combine Google Ads and SEO alongside other channels like active social media platforms and outreach efforts. Ultimately, a well-rounded digital marketing campaign provides the best results for businesses.

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Why Get Help to Manage Google Ads?

Running any PPC campaign for the first time is challenging and stressful.

Businesses spend tens of thousands of dollars a month on Google Ads/PPC campaigns, and often, business owners want to be at the helm because it’s their money on the line.

This applies especially to small business owners who want to reduce expenditures as much as possible while benefiting from Google’s expansive advertising network. So while you might save some money by not partnering with someone who knows how to manage Google Ads, what are you genuinely sacrificing in the process?

When you get professional help to manage Google Ads, you automatically maximize sales or lead generation efforts and the bottom line. Professional guidance and management produce better results than none, even for new businesses. But, of course, being an old business doesn’t guarantee success in the digital space, either.

Unless you have a concrete approach and someone is helping you understand how the market responds to online advertising, there will be many hit-and-miss situations as you carry out your PPC efforts.

An expert who helps you manage Google Ads can also help you achieve the following:

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Overcome Campaign Paralysis

PPC campaign paralysis occurs when the person managing the PPC campaign fails to make decisions based on analytics and other data channels. Quick and effective decision-making is essential in PPC, and if beneficial changes are not meted out in time, Google Ads campaigns may ultimately fail.

There is always a learning period for each new market or industry, and overcoming the learning curve can take a week or more, depending on the familiarity of the ad manager and how much time they can spend studying conversions and other data.

A business owner will task a Google Ads expert to study existing data, market trends, and other available data (e.g., last year’s Google Ads analytics data) to shape the current PPC campaign.

The Google Ads expert also becomes responsible for providing valuable feedback during the campaign, as well as reports on the performance of the PPC campaign. Again, a learning period affects all parties at the beginning of new campaigns. Partnering with a Google Ads expert will undoubtedly improve your chances of success while moderating the learning curve.

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Optimizing PPC Campaign

Optimizations don’t just happen in the SEO world. Optimization is applicable everywhere, including PPC campaigns/Google Ads.

Just think: if you don’t optimize and manage Google ads at the start of every campaign, when should it take place? Optimization must be part of the overall strategy and never an afterthought. Buying ads is the most straightforward part of the journey.

Effective PPC optimization involves different metrics like key performance indicators (KPIs) and directional metrics.

Testing PPC campaigns takes time and effort. However, without testing, PPC campaigns will inevitably stall and lose momentum. Therefore, identifying controls and variables is necessary. After deciding what to test, it’s also essential to establish pass/fail criteria.

Everyone on your team should agree about what constitutes success and the overarching campaign goals. You can’t conduct a helpful test and manage Google Ads if the objectives keep changing to incorporate new projects.

Automating repetitive or time-consuming tasks is the best way to speed up your PPC workflow and improve efficiency.

Having these routines handled automatically gives you more time to concentrate on revenue-generating initiatives. Time is needed to develop the most effective process for any PPC campaign.

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Do you need someone with extensive digital marketing experience manage Google ads for you?

It might surprise many that an inbound marketing specialist could effectively manage Google ads for businesses.

What Can You Get from a Google Ads Management Service?

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A Google Ads management service is meant to hone your target audience and implement techniques that maximize ROI, prevent marketing budget waste, and ensure that your ad budget is allocated to the most effective keywords and campaigns.

Our Google Ads management service comprises an initial setup and optimization phase, followed by ongoing account management, reporting, and systematic evaluation to maximize the performance and value of the PPC campaign.

PPC Management Services: First-Time Setup and Optimization

Whether you’re new to Google Ads or an ‘old-timer’ wishing to improve the performance of your campaigns, Bruce Jones SEO can help you manage Google ads and improve your digital marketing scorecard. Below are just some of the things that we can help you with:

Our Google Ads management service can help you with brand-new PPC accounts or fine-tuning an existing or older account. Bruce Jones SEO always adheres to the best practices.

Our Google Ads management service includes keyword research, including identifying new prospects for target keywords depending on search traffic, competition, budget, and desired visibility.

Create ad content for your campaigns. We’ll take care of copywriting, from creating engaging ad descriptions to copywriting.

Our Google Ads management service can help you develop a bidding strategy and marketing budget for your PPC campaign. PPC ad budgets are not unlimited (and shouldn’t be), and each campaign must be measured based on the right metrics.

Expert configuration of Google Ad account settings to maximize budget utilization and optimize online ads with our PPC management services.

Set the geographic focus for each campaign.

Research and create a running list of negative keywords, so your PPC campaign deters less than-qualified leads.

Our Google Ads management service also helps businesses establish and monitor essential goals, from form submission to tracking Google-approved keywords, average ad performance, conversion targets, and integrating Google Analytics.

Review and improve your existing landing pages. Bruce Jones SEO not only helps you manage Google ads; we also craft high-performance and optimized landing pages.

These landing pages can help improve lead generation efforts and sales. Effective landing pages draw in more traffic and keep them on the page, so they also convert.

PPC Management Services: Performance Tracking & Reporting

Once your campaign is online, our PPC management services will continuously analyze its performance to ensure the best-continued results:

Continuously monitor the campaign and change the bidding strategy to improve ROI and ad performance.

Evaluate the effectiveness of the campaigns by increasing the conversion rates.

Allocate your PPC budget so that you only target search terms that bring the best conversion rates.

Having PPC management services at your side also means that we’ll prepare a monthly Google Ads report. Use this to review the campaign activity to make the right decisions. In addition, businesses use these monthly reports to see if everything is working as intended.

As new initiatives and ideas are established, you can collaborate with Bruce Jones SEO’s PPC management services to craft new campaigns and adjust old ones.

Whether you’re considering or experimenting with Google Ads for the first time or you think professional PPC management services could improve the success of your existing Google Ads campaign, we’re delighted to provide help.

Frequently Asked Questions: How to Manage Google Ads and Partner with a Google Ads Expert

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What is PPC?

Pay-per-click (PPC) is a branch of digital marketing that pays ad publishers for clicks gained from the publisher’s advertising network. While the term pay-per-click or PPC is frequently used only to denote Google Ads and Bing Ads, the same marketing model applies to other websites that use this business model.

What are PPC management services?

PPC management services primarily work with businesses to maximize their ad campaign budgets and the overall PPC strategy.

Businesses can work with Google Ads experts to manage PPC campaigns, or they can choose to hire a PPC agency or equivalent (these are usually ‘full stack’ digital marketing agencies), depending on the size of the PPC campaigns and their marketing budget.

Working with an individual Google Ads expert and consultant can help you scale your PPC campaigns dramatically (and scientifically) while optimizing your marketing spending and reducing budget wastage.

Why do businesses need to manage PPC campaigns well?

PPC campaigns require substantial cash investment, and if you’re trying to build a new business or save an ailing one, PPC budget optimization is paramount.

Managing a PPC campaign well doesn’t come naturally to everyone, the same way that a pizzamaker with 50 years of experience won’t know (immediately) how to create the best pizza restaurant website, even if he knows everything about making the best pizza.

A Google Ads management service takes away the pressure of having to know everything about how pay-per-click ads work.

While training materials and free educational resources about PPC abound on the internet, not everyone has the time, patience, or inclination to learn before starting a PPC campaign.

Many PPC advertisers want to get on the Google Ads platform and start campaigns to see if online ads can help them grow their business. But unfortunately, the many grey areas in managing PPC campaigns are the main reasons many fail to deliver expected results or complete objectives.

What is keyword research for PPC?

Keywords are the heart of both inbound and outbound marketing campaigns. They’re like the North Star when navigating to anything on the internet. A person can be 100% familiar with a topic or subject.

They may also know much more than the average person, making them genuine experts. However, they don’t know the precise search terms that customers use to get around the internet and find what they need.

That’s where PPC keyword research comes into play. In PPC, advertisers bid on keywords. The bidding increases or decreases the value of search terms. The cost fluctuations will directly impact marketing spending while optimizing a PPC campaign. High-value keywords will fetch more dollars during the bidding. A business’ marketing will vary depending on the goals and overall PPC strategy. If there is no PPC strategy, the campaign may not deliver good results because there is no conversion monitoring, traffic monitoring, etc.

How does PPC bidding work?

PPC bidding is synonymous with keyword bidding to increase the visibility of their pages in SERPS. When you bid for keywords, your link should appear on top of SERPs alongside other ad links.

Several factors influence bidding. Digital marketers have differing comfort levels in ad spending. Increased demand for keywords will raise the price of bids and the volume of advertisers bidding for the same terms.

Link prominence is an essential factor. The higher the prominence, the more people will pay for it. It’s also common for digital marketers to have a limited budget for PPC.

The PPC bidding mechanism favors higher-priced bids, which sometimes causes conflicts among advertisers. Losing out to more significant bids is never fun.


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