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Bruce Jones SEO Consultant offers a guest post outreach service that perfectly matches your market, business needs, and content requirements. We are a blogger outreach company that combines nearly two decades of SEO experience with premium link-building services. Conquer the final frontier of SEO and reap the benefits of a premium backlink profile that search engines will love.

Guest posting via blog outreach is one of a handful of natural link-building methods that still work today.

SEO has evolved tremendously in the past decade as search engines ramped up the development of their AI/ML systems while adding dozens of new ranking signals to create SERPs. Search engines no longer work on just search terms. Instead, Google, Bing, and other search engines now analyze historical trends and use rules obtained from artificial intelligence and natural language processing to rank content and pages.

Backlinks have never been this important.  

With the birth of social media, social messaging, and the Metaverse, there is no reason why a website won’t have a decent backlink profile. But we all know that obtaining organic links takes time, and, in some cases, websites only get a handful of backlinks per year. More prominent brands with much more aggressive marketing campaigns that involve a lot of money get ahead because of their reach.

How can you get the same results for your business?

The Importance of Getting Premium Backlinks from Guest Posts

Bruce Jones SEO Consultant partners with Vazoola for its guest post outreach service. We offer premium link building services. We emphasize premium – because not all guest posts are created equal. A few years ago, Google highlighted that ordinary, run-the-mill guest posts are not a good idea. If you want to benefit from backlinks from guest posts, those inbound links must come from reputable sites with good metrics.

Finding these sites manually, evaluating their merits, and contacting them for a possible partnership will require hundreds of hours of backbreaking work every month. Trust us; it takes at least a small team to get it right. If you have a business but don’t have a dedicated team for content and link building efforts, you may not maximize the benefits of premium guest posts.

Guest blogging got off to a great start. You could compare it to having a well-known singer perform at a local theater or having a well-known author write an introduction to your book. It was a social signal, one that worked in the digital sphere. However, things went awry very quickly when people discovered how well it worked to boost the authority of sites.

People started using guest blogging as a shady means of obtaining highly sought-after inbound links. People will notice you if you publish an authoritative, high-quality post on a well-known blog with a large following. It won’t be long before they start visiting your blog. But that’s not where the story ends.

When people feel that they’ve found great content on your blog, they naturally bookmark and visit again. If people follow you on social media and share your new blogs there, they’ll click and read. Some will even share. That is as organic as it can get when building new links. People will want to do it for you.

However, some people send mass email blasts pitching to dozens or even hundreds of websites at a time. They don’t want to contribute to the sphere of quality content. They don’t want to build expertise. All they want are inbound links. This made Google engineers very mad, indeed. In 2014, Matt Cutts even said that guest posting was dead. It’s a good thing that premium backlinking services are still around – because guest posting is not a bad practice, and it most certainly is not dead, either.

Getting premium backlinks for your site is like getting good votes from trustable entities on the internet. Only a fraction of the billions of pages on the internet will ever be considered trustable, credible, and authoritative. Yet, that’s what all businesses should be after – getting excellent links from sites that will contribute significantly to your website’s credibility.

Bruce Jones SEO Consultant focuses on only the best practices for premium link building services. We have proven results from guest posting efforts and blogger outreach. This method of obtaining natural links is a fortress of beautiful results and long-term gains for SMBs, enterprises, and organizations.

Are You Thinking of Starting a Guest Posting Effort?

Writing and posting articles on other websites is a powerful content marketing strategy known as guest posting.

Your name will be emphasized as a contributor or guest author. The site’s editor will also likely highlight the affiliations (i.e., the websites) that matter the most to the author. Guest posting often offers the chance to get a link back to your personal website or social media accounts.

The main benefits of guest posting are:

  •       Gradually building your reputation as an expert
  •       Improving your business’ brand identity
  •       Building a fan base of online followers
  •       Improving your offsite SEO
  •       Build a network of reputable websites that link to your site
  •       Increase your network size and, in the process, open new opportunities for sales and growth
  •       Improve a company’s brand recognition by promoting an increase in referral traffic
  •       Acquire a more significant number of prospective clients, users, or buyers

Setting attainable and measurable goals is the first step to a successful guest blogging process. These objectives may be linked to the performance of your business (such as obtaining more leads or clients) or the version of your website (like improving your search visibility or your referral traffic). When you have concrete goals, it’s much easier to choose the topics you write about, the blogs you want to publish on, the frequency with which you write, and so on.

Guest bloggers frequently fail because they are more concerned with getting published than providing quality content. That’s a good plan for getting published, but it serves the interests of the publishers rather than yours.

To initiate a successful guest blogging effort, you should choose topics that will help you achieve your goal, such as generating more B2B leads, encouraging higher organic traffic, etc.

The first step is to list the pages on your website that you want in your future guest blogs. Next, make a goal for each page based on your current status, such as your monthly SEO traffic, and set a deadline for guest blogging. Each page of your website can have its own goal.

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