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“Finding business partners that are knowledgeable, operate with integrity and are truly invested in your success isn’t easy in today’s world. Bruce Jones is all of those things. I couldn’t recommend a business partner any more highly!”

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“Amazing experience working with Bruce Jones SEO consultant. I would recommend his services to everybody!”

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“Bruce Jones is a great SEO and marketing consultant. He has helped me with many of my campaigns, and his work is always excellent! I highly recommend hiring him for your next campaign.”

Grace Ramirez

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Finding business partners that are knowledgeable, operate with integrity and are truly invested in your success isn’t easy in today’s world. Bruce Jones is all of those things. I couldn’t recommend a business partner any more highly!

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You can increase the results of your business by using SEO.

Do you have an amazing idea that you’d like to turn into a business? Has your current business hit a plateau in sales? Are you tired of seeing your competitors at the top of Google search results when you search for the products or services that you offer? Are you currently working with an SEO company and would like a second opinion or additional reports? Are you tired of spending money on Google Ads and not getting new leads on a regular basis? Are you looking for help to get more online leads and sales? Do you want to work with an industry expert that has helped hundreds of national and Chicago area businesses get to the first page of Google? Need more insight with SEO reporting to better understand what is important to track?

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My approach to SEO strategy

Every business that considers an SEO strategy is ultimately hoping to get their business found online so as to draw in individuals who will become clients and customers. At the same time, SEO is a strategy precisely because it is not that easy – there is not a cookie cutter approach to getting to the top of Google and an optimization approach must be tailored to a business’ goals, time and money.

As a consultant, I approach a client’s SEO strategy by working closely with the business to create an understanding of what the objectives for online marketing and SEO should be, as well as how to get there.  Rather than just getting hired as a traditional SEO company or expert to get the work done, my role as a consultant is to guide you every step of the way, from initial evaluations to creating and implementing strategy to training your team on how to continue seeing results down the road even if you are no longer an active client of mine.

Bruce Jones SEO Consultant provides the best SEO and marketing consulting services I have come across. His knowledge of the industry is unmatched and he has helped my business grow tremendously. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a consultant to help out with their digital marketing needs!

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Business Results Through SEO Optimization

Companies which can Benefit from SEO Consulting

SEO consulting is a marketing tool that can benefit virtually any business that wants to exist on the Internet. From local SEO consulting in Chicago for small businesses to broad projects for national and international large corporations, my portfolio includes hundreds of businesses from every sector. I work with ecommerce businesses, B2B and B2C companies, startups, entrepreneurs, non-profits, franchises, national brands and even individuals on their personal websites. SEO consulting is an asset for guiding and accompanying businesses through the course of their digital marketing strategy, and we can start from anywhere – whether you have been doing search engine optimization for years or it is your brand new to your business.

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A Customized Plan for your Digital Strategy

When we begin working together, I will sit down with you and get an understanding of your business,  your wants and needs, and your resources. From there, we will craft a customized plan that gets your website beneath the eyes of your target audience and converts them into your customers. I am able to devise a new plan, evaluate an existing strategy, adapt or carry out a strategy that is being implemented, or train and advise your team. The important part is that you pay not only to get the work done, but also get value from a plan that has longevity and have the tools to make improvements to SEO on your own and as a company.


Guidance for your Every Step

From visioning to analysis, planning to training, auditing to implementation and more, there are a variety of aspects for SEO, which I can consult on individually or as part of a comprehensive plan. My consulting packages are based on number of hours per month, meaning you may choose to spend those hours on whatever your primary needs, and they can change of be adapted along the way. I will offer an initial evaluation of your website and give my strategic suggestions from there, but I can also work based off of your particular requests.

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Workshops & Talks

I have presented almost 100 seminars and workshops related to search engine optimization, lead flow optimization, marketing automation, and social media.  Sign up for my newsletter to get announcements for future events.  If you have an organization that is looking for a presenter, contact me to see how I might be an interesting fit for your talk or event.

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"Bruce is a very warm hearted, helpful individual. Very knowledgeable in his field. I always seek his guidance in writing blogs, in the creation of website. Smilingly, he will go all out to give his idea about matters of SEO & internet marketing. A through marketing guy, an excellent photographer, a public speaker of value. A complete personality whom every business man likes."

 Jalal M Khan

"I had thought that Google is so artificially intelligent that intentional SEO is unnecessary. But as I watched Bruce fly through multiple professional SEO tools, I was convinced that SEO effort pays off and when done well, is not an obnoxious intrusion upon an otherwise well-written site. Then there is the widespread belief that Google “loves content” so it’s important to produce more content constantly. However, the more you post—or even pay someone else to create content—the more sense it makes to work with Bruce and refine all this work with strategy."

Diana Schneidman

"Bruce was excellent at pointing out what website elements I should focus on and equally important, were able to show me why. I never knew that so many elements of my current web strategy were being underutilized. Once again I am reminded to go with the experts. I really liked his practical down-to-earth approach including how he is helping me see how to get my Linkedin, Facebook, blog, website, etc. all working together."

Ed  Kaiser

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Frequent Asked Questions

What is SEO consulting all about?

SEO consulting is a digital marketing service aimed at improving the quantity and quality of traffic to your website from the results of search engines such as Google. An SEO expert consultant can help you by identifying your website’s strengths and weaknesses and create a road map for making your online marketing strategy a strong one, which converts to more clients for your business.

How Do I Know if Search Engine Optimization Is Right for Me?

SEO consulting and coaching is a viable option for any size business, if you are interested in getting your website search engine optimized for the best ROI. By working with a consultant, you not only get all of the same deliverables as working with an internet marketing company, but you get step-by-step guidance, mentoring and teaching, and a more targeted approach with your expert working alongside you for more personalized and effective service.

Do You Only Work With Established Companies?

As an entrepreneur and business owner myself, I am more than happy to be able to consult startups, local businesses, and other small companies. Every company should have SEO, whether it has 1 or 100,000 employees. Since I work directly with you and your employees, consulting is just as good for small business owners as it is for major corporations who hire me to work with their marketing teams.

Do You Offer Ongoing SEO Services?

I have done consulting projects for clients that have lasted a day and have other clients that have been working with me for a decade. My consulting services are fully flexible depending on your needs. I can be hired to perform audits, reports, training, and other pointed purposes. Or, I can offer consulting services for longer durations which comprehensive and for long-term SEO goals. The frequency and duration of my services will depend on what you want when we establish together what is our approach.

Do You Work With Startup Companies?

I love working with startup companies, especially since SEO is such a valuable asset for them and can really determine their success. I will work with you to figure out the best moves for a company with a limited budget and resources. Contact me to see what we can work to work together.

Bruce has been an invaluable resource in getting my business off the ground 7 years ago. Bruce patiently and thoroughly showed me the ins and outs of SEO over time. You’ll be amazed at the low hanging fruit, and the simplicity in making your website work for you.

Keith French

Owner, Keith French Photography

SEO Strategy For Improved Business Results

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SEO Strategy For Improved Business Results