Free SEO Strategy Consultation

Let’s talk about what an effective SEO strategy
can do for your business.

Here’s What We’ll Cover In Our SEO Strategy Call

1. Your Questions: If you have any specific SEO questions or if you’d like us to look at a problem you’ve been dealing with, let me know in the “Message” box and I’ll start by addressing those items.

2. SEO Metrics & Website Analysis: I’ll go over my findings from a high-level analysis of your website and current search performance.

3. Strategic Recommendations: Next, I’ll spend some time detailing the areas I think could use some attention. This typically includes a mix of onsite SEO, content strategy, and link building – but not always.

4. SEO Projections: Using a spreadsheet and data from a few SEO tools, I will help you project your future Google traffic, and, if you have an eCommerce website, your revenue after implementing a strategic SEO plan.

5. Plan Options & Costs: If I am confident I can move the needle for you, I’ll use the last few minutes to propose an SEO action plan. If you’re on board, I’ll turn it into a proposal.

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