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Locating reliable SEO services or search engine optimization company in Chicago opens plenty of opportunities for businesses who want to maximize their organic exposure and generate more traffic – and profit – this year.

Finding The Right SEO Company

A Chicago SEO consultant usually begins with a website audit. A website audit is invaluable for identifying potential issues preventing your site from performing well. Site issues can impede your site’s ability to target potential traffic, reduce sales or conversions, and confuse your audience. A site audit is always technical and can reveal problems with your site design, content, and more.

A site audit will provide an overview of the efficiency of your site’s SEO performance, points for improvement, and possible weaknesses so you can start fixing them. With this information, you can compare how your site is doing against your competition. Furthermore, you will be able to craft sensible expectations about how you should be strategizing for the future.

A website audit should be done at least once a year. An audit is also due when any major revamps or changes are made on the site. Necessary changes like redesigning the home page and removing/adding pages can also set you back or move your site forward, SEO-wise. A search engine optimization company is your partner in generating essential audit reports about your site. While anyone can perform a website audit on their site, a professionally-prepared site audit by a SEO consultant saves you time. It maximizes your cover as all the critical areas are covered.

What to Expect from Chicago SEO Services?

Suppose it’s your first time working with an SEO consultant from a search engine optimization company in Chicago. In that case, you might already be thinking of how SEO consulting can benefit your site and your business. Search engine optimization is a very involved system or process of improving a site for users first and search engines second.

Google has long advised site owners to design their sites for humans first and not machines. Therefore, the first challenge is to ensure that your site is healthy according to the signals or major indicators of authentic and reliable sites.

As mentioned earlier, a Chicago SEO consultant should begin with a full website audit to determine where your site stands about the current standards of what makes a good site. After discussing the site audit results, your Chicago SEO services will discuss the possible next steps.

There is no turn-key solution for SEO and no-predetermined set of steps, either. It all depends on how the site is doing and what’s missing. The Chicago SEO consultant should be able to discuss all of the complex steps with you so that you don’t end up confused.

The next indicator is software. A great Chicago SEO consultant has access to the right software, and of course, he needs to know how to use these apps. It is impossible to even audit a site without the right tools/software. While the human eye is still the best examination tool, hundreds of complex variables need to be analyzed. The SEO software is necessary for keyword research, site audits, examining the content, etc. If the Chicago search engine optimization company says that they don’t need software to do great SEO, then you’d best walk away instead.

 What are the Benefits of Chicago SEO Consulting?

The biggest benefit of excellent SEO will always be targeted traffic. Targeted traffic is people seeking information that your site can readily provide. Traditional marketing interrupts people – SEO makes sure that your pages are there when customers need them. The whole world surfs the web using search engines. Just building a site and getting a professional domain is not enough.

SEO is a permanent investment in your site. Should search engines evolve, your site will already have a good foundation of on-site optimizations. Google doesn’t change everything with each new update in its algorithm. Your Chicago SEO consultant should be able to tell you where your site should be headed (the general direction), so you can focus your budget and resources in the proper direction.

The third benefit of getting a good Chicago search engine optimization company is a chance to outdo your competition. Sure, some of your competitors might be on the front page of Google already. That doesn’t mean you can’t share the limelight with them. With digital marketers from different industries gearing up this year with bigger and better SEO campaigns, it’s time that your business start appearing in high-value searches on Google and other search engines. The right SEO can improve your rank in all the other search engines, too, including Yahoo and Bing.  

 What are the Kinds of SEO Consulting?

Professional Chicago SEO consulting takes many forms, depending on the type of business and what you’d like to accomplish with your site.

If you have a company website and most of your sales/leads are through the site, you need to drive massive amounts of traffic. Suppose this is the case for your site. In that case, your Chicago SEO consultant will conduct critical keyword research to find out how your competition is using the most profitable keywords. Second, he will help your site rise to the top with relevant, targeted content.

Your site needs to start producing more content on the different subjects that are relevant to what you are offering (products/services). Content marketing aims to generate targeted traffic, so you can redirect the content to what you’re selling or offering (as a service).

Do you own an ecommerce space?

Your SEO consultant can help optimize the different pages on your site, like products, the “about us” page, etc. However, your products also need to rank, so they show up on the main search results pages and under the “Shopping” tab. An effective SEO consultant should have a method for creating optimized product descriptions. This system should be tested, tweaked, and then applied to all future product listings.