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Bruce Jones is a great SEO and marketing consultant. He has helped me with many of my campaigns, and his work is always excellent! I highly recommend hiring him for your next campaign.

Grace Ramirez


I have known Bruce for many years and he is an expert in SEO, Google My Business, and online presence. He has successfully helped many businesses with SEO and I would highly recommend him.

Atul Akhand

Bruce Jones SEO Consultant now offers professional SEO services in the Philippines.  

SEO services in the Philippines are a sustainable, effective, and long-lasting digital marketing solution for small and medium businesses (SMBs), companies, and enterprises. No matter your market or industry vertical, SEO services in the Philippines can help put your business or company on the map, improve lead generation efforts, and increase sales for a more profitable fiscal year.

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“Bruce Jones was incredibly knowledgeable in helping us with our Website SEO and Google Business Profile. We are very grateful!”

Lindsay Blades


“After hiring expert after expert who did not do anything for my sites, I found Bruce. In just one hour, I learned more actionable SEO steps from him than I have over the last 6 years of my own DIY research. He wants you to be successful and you can tell he knows exactly what to do to get your there.”

Jackelyn Ho


“Thank you for helping us set up our language school’s Google my Business in the Philippines. Great help, salute!”

Keynes International

We provide an expert local solution for all your SEO needs in the Philippines.

Our Philippines SEO services include:

  •       Technical audits
  •       SEO writing services
  •       Local search optimization
  •       Structured data SEO
  •       eCommerce SEO
  •       Google Analytics 4
  •       Google Business Profile Optimization
  •       Monthly Website Maintenance Services
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SEO Services in Philippines: Future-Proofing Your Business

The Philippines has made significant telecommunications and IT infrastructure gains over the last decade, translating to higher market penetration of more reliable internet services. As a result, Filipino businesses, whether they’re operating out of Manila, Cagayan De Oro City, Davao City, or Cebu, will benefit significantly from the significant jump in demand for digital businesses after the pandemic.

Increasing internet coverage across the archipelago also means that companies seeking more customers over the internet can do so more efficiently. 2020 saw explosive growth in demand for online businesses and eCommerce in general. The Philippines is approaching the growth trend of other Tiger Cubs in the region, with optimistic projections in the coming years.

Whether a Cebu business seeking more local customers or a new company in Makati City seeking to expand its global clientele, Bruce Jones SEO Consultant can help you achieve your business objectives to grow and become more sustainable.

Benefit from the advanced knowledge and strategies of a worldwide SEO consultant backed by an incredible team of Filipino SEO specialists. We are effective globally because we take the time to understand local culture and needs. Our track record includes large enterprises, professional services in the US and other countries, SMBs, and many more.

Our global SEO consultant, Bruce Jones, has seventeen years of experience in inbound marketing and SEO strategy and is in the best possible position to help your business grow smartly.

We will employ the exact time-tested solutions for SEO in the Philippines to get your business or company on the map and address digital marketing gaps. Both old and new businesses can benefit from SEO in the Philippines.

Why Are SEO Services In Philippines Perfect for All Businesses and Enterprises?

Philippines SEO is an inbound marketing (no cold calling) channel that helps businesses achieve the following general objectives:

  1.     Improved local or global online presence by optimizing content and pages on a website. On-page optimization involves a thorough understanding of the market/industry, the target audience or clientele, and the current issues affecting the profitability of the business’s digital operations.

For example, a Quezon City company offering export goods to Southeast Asia or Europe will need Philippines SEO services to attract clientele for specific geographic targets while providing a consistent stream of viable content to inform and persuade its customers.

  1.     Improved visibility in search engines (especially Google) for the target search terms. This is an ongoing effort based on market trends, customer behavior, and the types of products or services the business offers.
  2.     Future-proofing the business by acquiring a competitive position in the market amongst competitors old and new.
  3.     Capturing a continuous stream of opportunities for customer engagement throughout the customer journey.
  4.     Increasing the viability of the marketing flywheel and powering the different parts of various inbound marketing channels. SEO improves all forms of inbound marketing by using analytics, customer data, website data, and strategy.

6.     Ignite renewed interest in the brand by modifying and improving content for distribution in social media and other customer engagement channels.

A Scenario for SEO in Philippines

SEO for SMBs

SEO services in Philippines are not a ‘quick fix’ but rather an ongoing strategy for growth that makes businesses nearly permanently viable in the digital space.

Say, for example, you run a local crafts business promoting a cottage industry in the province of Pampanga. Small communities benefit from your local crafts business because it generates income beyond their regular income.

However, you realize that your local market is not growing, and sales have become stale. As a result, big and truly profitable orders have become rare, and you begin to amass a massive surplus of products.

Your business is now in danger of being in the red. Therefore, the moment you realize that you need to export your products or at least expand your reach through the internet to reach potential entrepreneurs in the Philippines who might want to sell your local crafts, you must think of investing in SEO services in Philippines.

In this scenario, SEO services in Philippines can create strong links to the global crafts market. You can position your business in such a way that you can attract stores abroad that might want to sell indigenous products for a reasonable price. It takes time to establish a new network with SEO services in Philippines, but having a small and continuously growing network in the beginning, is much better than having no network (and no hope for growth).

\You may also have thought of running PPC ads on Google or Facebook instead of investing in SEO services in Philippines. Ads are acceptable for building the initial interest in a product or service, but it becomes costly as time passes. Ad spending in the global arena reaches tens of thousands of dollars monthly. So why not use your resources to build a city for your business online instead of renting temporary ad space on Google? The choice is yours: rent space or work with SEO services Philippines for permanent growth.

SEO Services in Philippines for Larger Companies and Enterprises

Do you represent, manage, or own a company or enterprise based in larger metropolises, like Manila, Pampanga, Bonifacio Global City, Clark, Davao City, Mandaue, or Cebu City?

SEO in Philippines is a requirement for enterprises, whether you’re an exclusively local vendor or your goal is to attract clients worldwide. In the Internet of Things era, millions of pages are published monthly, and the only way your company will be found is through an expert strategy from SEO in Philippines, coupled with the best practices in digital marketing. Unfortunately, no workaround, shortcut, or magic bullet will allow your business to skip this requirement for an effective digital presence that generates consistent organic traffic, leads, and sales.

Local and global SEO ensures your website will thrive and operate from the best possible online position. Otherwise, you have an excellent website but no traffic or sales. A website that doesn’t generate profit can hardly be considered part of your business. Consider the following points about SEO in the Philippines:

You need to boost organic traffic to get more people to notice your brand. You can raise the worldwide visibility of your website with SEO Philippines.

  •       Improve your company’s bottom line by selling more of your goods or services. If the phone isn’t ringing or you’re not getting any business emails, you’re not in a good position, and you need to start early to remedy that. Inbound marketing channels, including SEO, need time to take effect, and starting late won’t benefit your business.
  •       SEO is a powerful system that connects you with your intended customers worldwide. We’re talking about other businesses in the Asia-Pacific, European Union, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and so on.
  •       Philippines SEO helps you assess how well your content attracts new readers/visitors and leads old customers back so they would purchase from you again. You can also use SEO to measure how effective the customer journey is on your website and how you can respond to your customer’s pain points through content, offers, and engagement channels.
  •       SEO helps improve website efficiency, making it mobile-friendly and eCommerce-friendly, if need be. The exact strategy for website redesign depends on the type of business, the types of customers you have, and your business goals. SEO also involves optimizing a website for popular mobile and PC browsers.
  •       Google Analytics 4, among other SEO tools, can help you keep tabs on how many people find and interact with your website via Google.
  •       SEO offers a long-term return on investment and a permanent impression on the digital marketing landscape on your side of the marketing ocean.
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Critical Metrics for SEO Services in Philippines

SEO services in Philippines allow businesses to measure and track everything, which is why it just works so well. You can understand a lot about the efficacy of your organic search strategy by analyzing SEO Manila metrics like authority, revenue, orders, leads, engagement, organic traffic levels, and SERP rankings.

On top of that, SEO metrics are beneficial when an SEO company Manila develops new plans or enhances old ones. But how do you decide which metrics to use? Google Analytics and other SEO tools provide access to thousands of data points, and an SEO company Manila can help you access these data points.

One of Google’s primary considerations in determining search engine rankings is the number and quality of inbound links. Domain authority can usually be increased by gaining inbound links from other, similarly authoritative websites. Though additional links from previously linked-to websites are helpful, links from new domains tend to be more influential. Your SEO company Philippines can tell you if other websites are linking back to yours and the nature of the links.

Philippines SEO services use Domain Authority or Domain Rating to assess a website’s overall SEO health. The quality and quantity of links and other factors go into the final tally.

The score is constructed on a logarithmic scale and can go anywhere from 0 to 100. It takes much more effort to raise a website’s score from 79 to 80 than it would be from 5 to 15. As a result, search engine results are likely to favor sites with higher scores without any other distinguishing factors. Philippines SEO services can help improve your website’s DA/DR.

Optimizing a page’s content for human visitors and search engine crawlers is known as “on-page optimization.” Helpful SEO tools evaluate a page and give you a score that reflects how well it is optimized for search engines.

SEO service Philippines will work on the different pages on your website, improve them, and provide you with recommendations to generate more to target relevant search terms.

Google counts every time your page appears in a search result as an impression, regardless of whether the user clicks on your link. Therefore, the success of your SEO campaign can be gauged in part by tracking the number of impressions your content is getting. A rise in pageviews can be expected in tandem with an increase in ranking position. Then, once you’ve cracked the top 3, you can expect a dramatic increase in visitors.

Click-through rate measures how many times an advertisement was viewed before it was clicked on. For SEO purposes, it reveals how many people saw your website after seeing it on the Google search engine results page (SERP). For example, a clickthrough rate (CTR) of 1% is achieved when 100 people see your listing in the search results, and 1 of them clicks it. Google Search Console’s “Performance” section allows you to monitor impressions and clickthrough rates.

CTR is highly correlated with a website’s position in search engine results. The greater your average ranking, the greater your earnings from clicks. Even though 90% of traffic comes from the first page of Google, most of it is concentrated in the top three spots.

One of the most basic but essential SEO metrics to monitor is how well a website does about specific keywords. They serve as a measuring stick for success and provide an early indicator of your SEO strategy’s efficacy. In addition, a company’s position in the rankings can give them insight into its current organic market share and the overall opportunity.

Here’s Why the Philippines is a GREAT Place for SEO

The primary goal of partnering with an SEO company Philippines is to improve visibility in SERPs. With the expertise of SEO services in the Philippines, businesses can optimize their websites to rank higher in relevant search queries. This increased visibility translates into more organic traffic, exposure, and brand recognition, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates and revenue growth.

The Philippines is renowned for its pool of talented SEO professionals, making it abundantly logical place for many SEO company Philippines to thrive. The country has a thriving outsourcing industry, and many SEO agencies in the Philippines are staffed with experienced and skilled SEO specialists who stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and best practices.

By partnering with an SEO company Philippines, businesses can tap into their knowledge and benefit from their expertise. Outsourcing SEO services to the Philippines can provide significant cost advantages.

Compared to hiring an in-house SEO team, SEO outsourcing Philippines is often more affordable without compromising quality. This allows businesses to allocate resources more efficiently and invest in other growth areas.

SEO is not a one-size-fits-all approach. By working with an expert SEO company Philippines, businesses can benefit from agencies that understand the local market nuances, consumer behavior, and search trends. These agencies can develop customized SEO strategies that align with the specific needs and preferences of the target audience in the Philippines, leading to more effective results.


An SEO company Philippines will focus on optimizing a website to attract organic traffic from users actively searching for products or services related to the business. By investing in SEO outsourcing Philippines, businesses can reach their target audience precisely when they are in the consideration or purchase stage. This targeted traffic results in higher-quality leads, higher conversion rates, and a better return on investment (ROI).

Unlike some forms of paid advertising, the effects of SEO outsourcing Philippines are long-lasting. With proper optimization and ongoing efforts, an SEO company in the Philippines can help a website maintain its visibility and rankings in search engines over time.

By investing in SEO company in the Philippines, businesses can lay the foundation for sustainable growth and enjoy the benefits of increased organic traffic and brand authority for years to come.

Additionally, SEO is not just about optimizing for search engines; it also focuses on improving the overall user experience. SEO services in the Philippines can help businesses optimize their website’s structure, navigation, page load speed, and mobile responsiveness. These factors contribute to a positive user experience, which pleases visitors and aligns with search engine algorithms, leading to improved rankings.

Investing in an SEO company in the Philippines offers numerous benefits that can significantly impact a business’s online success. From increased visibility and targeted traffic to cost-effective solutions and long-term results, SEO services in the Philippines provide businesses with the expertise and resources needed to thrive in the digital age. By harnessing the power of an SEO company in the Philippines, businesses can strengthen their online presence, connect with their audience, and drive sustainable growth in the dynamic and competitive online marketplace.

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