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Amazing experience working with Bruce Jones SEO consultant. I would recommend his services to everybody!

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Working with Bruce has been so beneficial for our company. He gives us the answers we need for SEO and social media questions. Great consulting service!

Betsy Peake

Bruce Jones SEO is an SEO consulting company that offers business owners and entrepreneurs the opportunity to get advice on their business development strategy, including specific consulting on search engine optimization and digital marketing. SEO consulting offers a huge benefit to businesses, in that it evaluates their business’s digital and overall strategy and creates and implements an action plan to tackle short and long term targets for growth.

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“Bruce Jones was incredibly knowledgeable in helping us with our Website SEO and Google Business Profile. We are very grateful!”

Lindsay Blades


“After hiring expert after expert who did not do anything for my sites, I found Bruce. In just one hour, I learned more actionable SEO steps from him than I have over the last 6 years of my own DIY research. He wants you to be successful and you can tell he knows exactly what to do to get your there.”

Jackelyn Ho


“Thank you for helping us set up our language school’s Google my Business in the Philippines. Great help, salute!”

Keynes International

SEO consulting in Colorado Springs, CO

Appropriately done, search engine optimization can help any business or organization grow for the long term. It starts with working with me, your professional SEO consultant in Colorado Springs CO. My name is Bruce Jones, and I help digital entrepreneurs, SMBs, companies, and organizations reach their full potential in the age of the Internet of Things.

If you are ready to launch your digital business but don’t know how to compete with others in the same market in the search engines, call me today and let’s discuss easy yet powerful fixes to your site that can produce a significant impact on your Google ranking for years to come.

As an expert SEO consultant in Colorado Springs CO, I can help with every dimension of your site, including website audits, local search optimization, WordPress website management, and Google My Business management services.

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My Colorado Springs SEO services

I offer a full-range of consulting services, which are always customized and adapted to the client’s specific business needs. A client with little to no current SEO work is much different than someone who already has been doing digital marketing for years and just needs to refresh his strategy or shift from an agency to consulting. My work includes:

With my variety of consulting options, you can choose to hire me as your Colorado Springs SEO consultant for a specific need within my services, or more commonly bring me on board to consult and decide which mix of services you will benefit from.  I will run a full website audit and competitor analysis, and create a step-by-step plan for the work that needs to be done. If you are in the process of starting a business, I can also come on board before the business and website are formally set up, to advise on the creation process and get you set up for success.

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Leverage Your Business Results in Colorado Springs With a SEO Strategy

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Is Colorado Springs consulting right for you?

Ultimately, you need to hire an SEO service that understands your business and your personal goals. I cater especially to business owners and entrepreneurs – being one myself, I feel that I can relate and understand their particular needs. Most importantly, I know the passion that goes into the creation of their business, and the importance of working with effective individuals who can make a change in their business. This also allows for me to get more work done when I can discuss directly with the decision maker. I also specialize in SEO for local businesses and service providers.

My Colorado Springs SEO services company offers a free consultation to all those who are interested. During this meeting, I will get to know your business and goals, and you can learn more about me, so that we both can ensure that we are a good fit and understand what our partnership will entail. Get in touch to book your free consultation, and I will give you an action plan during that meeting to tell you what SEO work needs to get done.

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What are the Kinds of SEO Consulting?

Professional Chicago SEO consulting takes many forms, depending on the type of business and what you’d like to accomplish with your site.

If you have a company website and most of your sales/leads are through the site, you need to drive massive amounts of traffic. Suppose this is the case for your site. In that case, your Chicago SEO consultant will conduct critical keyword research to find out how your competition is using the most profitable keywords. Second, he will help your site rise to the top with relevant, targeted content.

Your site needs to start producing more content on the different subjects that are relevant to what you are offering (products/services). Content marketing aims to generate targeted traffic, so you can redirect the content to what you’re selling or offering (as a service).

What Is Website Audit?

SEO audits or website audits are an essential investment for the long-term growth of your site. It has everything to do with what is truly happening under the hood and how a site performs in the search engines.

The hard truth is that if customers can’t find you in the search engines, that traffic you need to grow your business isn’t coming, either. Therefore, a searchable site is the number one requirement to develop a successful digital business. An SEO audit provides vital advantages to business owners:

  1.     Set realistic expectations and create objectives based on actual data about your site.
  2.     Gain insights about your competition and what they are doing correctly.
  3.     Identify required site changes and upgrades and how to accomplish these changes.
  4.     Identify existing weaknesses in your site structure and resolve these issues.
  5.     Fully understand SEO efficiency, its factors, and actual performance in the search engines

As your SEO consultant in Colorado Springs CO, I will perform several critical assessments on your site, including content and performance, SEO, conversion rate, and a technical evaluation. These are four interlocking areas that help build influential and SEO-efficient sites. Take away one place, and the rest fall away.

What is Local Search Optimization?

You may have heard that there is a new ‘SEO trend’ called local optimization. It’s not a trend but a severe change in how search engines locate sites to serve users who want to find local businesses near them.

Unfortunately, not everyone is focusing their efforts on local optimization. A business misses many opportunities to be found per day if it is not optimized to appear in local searches. As an SEO consultant in Colorado Springs CO, I can tell you that it has become a subdiscipline of SEO. It helps businesses and organizations gain brand visibility faster because the searches are local and plentiful.

Local optimization has three areas: citation building, on-page SEO efforts, and Google My Business management. As of this writing, this is a foolproof strategy to appear on the radar of targeted users who are looking for your products or services right now on their laptops and smartphones.

Effective local optimization will ensure better rankings, increased lead generation, and higher visibility in local searches. In the end, you get more sales and customers, and your business grows.

What about WordPress Website Management?

When hiring an SEO consultant in Colorado Springs CO, ask about the consultant’s WordPress maintenance and management experience and skills. WordPress powers most of the internet, and chances are, your site is running WordPress, too.

Like a home or office, a WordPress site also needs maintenance and periodic cleaning. Yes, a WordPress site can accumulate junk after long years of running. If your site isn’t optimized internally, this condition can easily result in slowdowns, errors, and generally lousy performance.

WordPress maintenance is part of search engine optimization. A healthy site is efficient and primarily error-free and can make site visitors happy and satisfied. Comfortable site visitors can eventually convert to buyers. Also, Google now uses signals that relate to the quality of sites when ranking pages. While Page Experience is not the entire picture, it’s a significant ranking signal.

If your site constantly displays 404 and 403 errors and you have no idea why you need an experienced SEO consultant in Colorado Springs CO, who has decades of experience keeping WordPress sites in top shape. As a digital business scales, its website usually becomes more extensive and more complex.

Some sites eventually become several hundreds of pages deep. What’s your plan to keep your pages running smoothly? Are you aware of which pages are bringing in quality, targeted traffic? Work with me as an SEO consultant in Colorado Springs CO, and get straight answers and fixes that you can apply ASAP.  

What about Google My Business Management Services?

Google is the most powerful space for selling products and services. Google My Business is the platform that makes it possible for businesses to present themselves in a respectable and trustworthy manner. Building a business is all about gaining customers’ trust, and with GMB’s features, that’s not a farfetched idea at all. As an SEO consultant in Colorado Springs CO, I believe businesses should dedicate a fair amount of effort to building Google listings that provide a positive first impression to potential customers.

With my Google My Business management services, I can help you create a strong presence that commands attention. Your business gains a decisive advantage over your competitors by optimizing your GMB profile and maintaining its core features.

The best GMB listings will stay on top of search results for years with minimal effort. Businesses who have discovered this powerful platform end up diverting their efforts to keeping their GMB profiles updated in all respects.

Google is going to give higher importance to GMB listings because it’s their product. GMB is also growing at a fantastic pace. The listings are becoming more and more functional and complex. It’s time for your business to keep up – I know how to help you achieve better results.

Let me provide the precise method for making a reliable Google My Business profile to boost your business. 

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