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“It’s been a great experience working with Bruce. The adjustments made for our site have been impactfull and extremely valuable. His work has saved us money and added value to our company.”

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“Working with Bruce on my company web site SEO has been a great experience. He is very knowledgeable and truely works with his customers best interest in mind. I highly recommend Bruce Jones SEO Consultant to any business needing help with their web SEO!”

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“As a foreign business, finding the right consultant for SEO for entrepreneurs was easy task. However, from the moment we first came across Bruce, we knew he was the right choice. We could tell Bruce really knew what he was talking about, and loved how he was eager to work not only for us, but with us, so that we would be better off in the long run. I can say with certainty that our success is thanks to Bruce and his SEO and online marketing skills.”

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E-Commerce SEO is the most vital marketing channel for both brick-and-mortar and online-only business. With proper search engine optimization, your Shopify retail site or Etsy store can remain profitable and even exceed last year’s performance even in times of economic uncertainty. Moreover, statistics show that not even the pandemic dented people’s enthusiasm for online retail therapy. E-commerce sales increased, despite supply chain issues.

How do you take advantage of the projected five-year increase in e-commerce demand amounting to billions of dollars globally?

Getting SEO for online store like WooCommerce and Squarespace is a strategic move. With SEO, you don’t have to be the oldest or biggest brand. Instead, you have to be smart with ongoing optimization, and your business will thrive, and you have the option to scale once you’re ready for the rush of new customers.

Effective shipping site SEO works regardless of the platform that you choose for your business. So don’t worry if you’re using a platform that’s different from what seems to be common in your market. Platforms like Magento, Prestashop, and Wix can all equally draw large numbers of customers and generate top sales.

Some quick statistics:

These figures show us that there’s an almost inconceivable amount of money being spent online.

A large percentage of clicks come from organic search results. So optimizing your eCommerce website to show up in search results organically, one of those results that drives all these sales, is the epitome of e-commerce SEO.


of total eCommerce sessions originate from search traffic


of online shoppers do plenty of online research before making a purchase.


of all oline engagement begin with the user doing a search


of users ignore paid ads (like Google Ads).

Benefits of e-Commerce SEO


ecommerce aided by SEO


SEO campaigns are flexible and scalable, and you can magnify the positive impact of this marketing channel as much as you want. Getting your homepage on page one of SERPs is just the beginning. After that, you can engage in a comprehensive campaign to draw in customers with specific needs and intents. SEO for online store is limitless..

gain a competitive edge in search

Appear on the radar

Back in the day, people dreamed of being #1 for every search term. With millions of kilobytes’ worth of data being added to the internet daily, that will be a challenge, especially in the beginning. The more important thing is to be found – and you are not limited to your site anymore. There’s social media and platforms like Google My Business that naturally have high priority in SERPs.

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Better Organic Search Results

Search engines like Google use dozens of ranking signals to measure the relevance of a Weebly or BigCommerce page to searches. But, again, the goal is not just to rank your homepage for relevant keywords; your other pages have to rank, too – and so do your products. So how can you get noticed when you feel that the pond is already saturated? There are ways to drive traffic to product pages, and the product page itself is just one of the areas that can attract relevant traffic and paying customers.

search engine optimization for online shopping websites

Higher CTR

The clickthrough rate is where it all begins. If you want people to see your souped-up product pages and improved product galleries, they need to “clickthrough” from Google and other search engines. Over 30% of the total traffic comes from page one. So it’s good to aim for page one, but customers look at other pages in SERPs. It’s even easier now because Google, for one, placed a convenient ‘see more’ button that opens different search results like an accordion. As a result, all the search results appear on the same page – no jumps, skips, just a cohesive experience of reading an eye-friendly list.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What happens if I ignore SEO for an online store?

Well, you get none of the benefits – and there are so many it can be confusing why anyone would want to opt-out of such tremendous advantages.

Also – you would be voluntarily putting yourself at a massive disadvantage compared to your competitors. Unless you have the most prominent and most prolific sales team on the planet right now, you’ll never be able to fully replace what SEO can do for a company like yours.

Why is shipping site SEO important?

The most significant benefit is that it makes your brand more visible.

When done correctly, SEO may bring you both short- and long-term visitors. Regular blog posting, on-page content updates, and link development are all essential stages in ensuring that new customers can find you online.

The second benefit is that it improves the performance of product pages.

Most businesses sell multiple products, yet only 20% of those products are profitable. By optimizing product pages for SEO, you may reach an even larger audience with existing popular products.

Finally, it helps establish authority.

The more well-structured, high-quality material you have, the higher Google will rank your site. Furthermore, the more customers view your site on Google’s first page, the more credible you become in their minds. This encourages customers to visit your store and buy from you more frequently.

optimize product descriptions
by doing SEO you can focus on more sales

Is e-commerce SEO still worth it?

Yes, e-commerce SEO will remain crucial to businesses, not just this year but in the years ahead. In a marketing landscape where social media, influencer marketing, and traditional advertising can quickly drain the marketing budget of many businesses, SEO offers numerous advantages.

Outside of social media, businesses with solid SEO still experience the most new users and customers. SEO is still the ideal way to increase your site’s expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. People mainly search online for information. Users will trust your brand by offering digestible, helpful, and informative content, and Google will reward your site with better rankings.

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