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SEO & A Good Content Marketing Strategy Will Get You to The Top If you Do It Right

 SEO content marketing goes hand in hand with search engine optimization (SEO) as we know it.

Words are fuel for the fire, the ammo for the hunt.

An optimal content marketing strategy should be based on continuous research and monitoring of the best channels so that marketers can keep up with the trends and the most relevant topics in their niches. Search engines and social media channels like Twitter are two of the best places to hunt for hot news and trending information.

For other markets, Instagram and Facebook can also provide valuable insights into trending and what people usually discuss within a year. All these insights can help you understand how your content marketing plans should work.

Your SEO content strategy should be well-planned, emphasizing content that is optimized, engaging, relevant, and shareable. SEO and content can never be separated. SEO-driven content is your main resource for engaging customers, generating leads, and improving sales over time. An SEO content marketing strategy also provides the scaffolding for long-term social media marketing, so your business can make an impact on your target audience and communities.

 What Makes Good Content?

Google is upgrading the definition of good web content in 2021 and beyond. While keywords will always be a good part of sound SEO and SEO content marketing, Google now looks at a site’s topic authority as the main signal for surfacing fresh and relevant content.

If you have only begun creating a structure for your SEO content marketing strategy this year, keep the following expert practices for SEO and content in mind:

  •         Relevant and authoritative content needs to serve your audience’s needs. Know your audience fully, know where they hang out, and create content that engages them 100%. Content marketers need to be flexible with their content creation efforts.
  •         Create content that has value and is experiential. Propagate positive messages for your audience and community on social media.
  •         Have short-range and long-range content plans.
  •         The pandemic has changed people’s priorities and needs. Align your SEO content marketing strategy with your audience’s present needs.
  •         Have a customer-first mindset when forming your SEO content strategy.
  •         At least once every few months, create an event (and content) that helps bring people together.
  •         Develop content that has themes of connectedness and community.
  •         Work swiftly in delivering content that satisfies people on an emotional level, not just on a functional level. This type of content can also help differentiate your content from the competition.
  •         Take your time in getting your SEO content marketing right so you have full control of your branding and message.
  •         Don’t forget to integrate vital messages of the day, such as inclusivity.
  •         Your content marketing optimizing plans should be focused on making your brand authentic and believable.

 What are the Different Types of Content?

There are different content classes that you can use to make your site engaging, useful, and relevant to your audience.

Website Content

Website content refers to different pages on your site, on top of the blog. You can create separate pages outside the blog roll that contains important information about your business.

The types of pages on your site will depend on your market and the SEO content marketing system you have in place. An ecommerce retailer’s site pages will be different from a music academy’s pages. Use your intuition and knowledge of your market to determine what types of pages would be most useful for your customers. You can also expand your site content with the following enhancements:

  •         Animated visual elements, such as the movement for micro-interactions on a page.
  •         Parallax effect when scrolling a page vertically or horizontally.
  •         I am changing the depth of a page by tweaking the foreground and background images.
  •         It is making super responsive pages that pop on mobile devices with zero lag.
  •         Flat design and skeuomorphism can make your site look more attractive and appealing to younger users. Skeuomorphism uses classic or ‘outdated’ objects and gives them new life on pages that make full use of white space. The result is a more tactile experience of 3D objects rendered on flat digital space, which works so well on mobile.

 Landing Pages

Effective landing pages for SEO are no longer cluttered with so much text. Like every other page on your site, an effective landing page should provide a memorable experience to potential customers.

  •         The message should be centrally aligned with the core of your campaign.
  •         Keep your landing page forms simple.
  •         Landing pages should be 100% mobile-friendly
  •         Perform A/B testing on your CTAs and different visual elements.

 Blog Posts

Your blog is the freest space on your site, and this space can be used to share SEO-driven content, stories, insights, industry updates, and more.

  •         The most popular blog posts are news, pillar pages, infographic blogs, informational/knowledge posts, and listicles.
  •         Have an SEO content marketing strategy for your blog. Your posts should be relevant, useful, and actionable, and they should all lead to generating more interest for your business. Blogs are soft-sells unless you’re writing about a campaign, so keep that in mind when deciding on what type of content you will offer your audience.
  •         Break your blogs down into action steps to make reading easier.

 External Guest Posts

Guest posts or guest blogging is the practice of having an external author or writer create content on your site. In exchange for the content, there is usually an external link to the author’s site. You can accept guest posts and become a guest author on other sites, too.

 Press Releases

While not all sites use press releases, you should write press releases whenever possible to increase your brand’s credibility and improve your SEO content marketing. Having press releases and media mileage increases customers’ likelihood of doing business with you with little to no hesitation.

 Original Business Descriptions with Focus Keywords

Business descriptions should have focus keywords so Google will know when to surface these pages.

  •         Don’t forget to add a story about your company or business to make the content more relatable.
  •         Connect your business with the community.
  •         Share what your business specializes in.  

If you are having challenges coming up with new content just let me know and we can discuss new content that aligns with your search engine optimization strategy.