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Do Legal Firms Need SEO?

by | May 10, 2022 | SEO Consulting Tips

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There is often confusion about SEO and ‘older professionals’ like accountants and lawyers. Do these older professions need SEO to get ahead? The answer is yes – mainly because competition is tight, and many legal firms, for example, have already had a head start in optimizing for their target cities, counties, or states.

Search engine optimization is one of the best digital marketing channels for legal firms and individual legal practitioners. It doesn’t matter how old the law firm or how new you are as a lawyer – if you want to optimize to get more clients, then there are no limitations as to what you can achieve.

What are the Advantages of Using Law Firm SEO?

Better Organic Traffic

Improving a website’s organic traffic and SERP rankings are the primary goals of law firm SEO. The goal is to maintain a high ranking in search results and generate long-term organic traffic.

There are various ways that attorneys can improve the visibility of their sites. It is possible, for example, for a family lawyer in California to be competitive for lucrative keywords like “family lawyer Sacramento” and other logical keyword variations.

You don’t need a colossal budget to get great results from organic marketing. For best results, you can work with an SEO expert with a proven track record in helping law firms get better online visibility in 2022.

Better User Experience

SEO isn’t just about appeasing the search engines. Good SEO practices revolve around providing the best possible content and online experience to potential customers. Any content that best matches a user’s search terms and possible intent is ranked higher.

UX is one of the most well-known ranking factors. SEO inevitably enhances the user experience. Your website’s accessibility, speed, and interactivity all play a role in attracting and keeping visitors.

Good user experience (UX) keeps visitors on your site longer and encourages them to contact you rather than your competitors.

Improved Site Performance

Core Web Vitals are fantastic ranking signals that help the search giant assess sites’ user-friendliness and efficiency. In other words, Google wants to make sure that your site and content don’t take too long to load.

A slow-loading law firm site can put off potential clients.

They will most likely go to a competitor’s website if yours is too slow. Also, if your website takes a long time to load, you may have a lot of “heavy” files and clunky code. These mistakes can harm your site’s ability to deliver information and a good user experience overall.

With an effective law firm SEO strategy, you can ensure that your website’s Core Web Vitals are improved across the board, making it faster and easier for your visitors to use. 

Better Content Marketing

Content has a central role in law firm SEO. Content on your website and blog posts can help you attract the right visitors, increase your site’s authority, and a whole host of other things as well.

Creating better content is a win-win situation for everyone. In addition to ranking higher in search, better content is more likely to be shared. Furthermore, your written content is often the deciding factor for hiring you.

Domain Authority and Link Building

When other sites link back to you, they’re expressing their belief that your site is accurate, trustworthy, and valuable to their readers. To rank higher in search results, a website must have higher DA or domain authority to build a compelling backlink profile. More people can find your website through links from other websites. Outreach, content marketing, and blogging are all methods law firms can use to obtain backlinks for SEO purposes. Referral Traffic

Inbound links from other relevant sites are the primary source of valuable referral traffic. When other websites start to notice your content, they will usually link to it, which can lead to a boost in traffic.

Many law firms also use local SEO. Local SEO involves strategies like listing your business in local directories—the more people who find your website through these directories, the better.

Digital publications may also feature you if you publish high-quality content. Other channels include guest posts, podcasts, and interviews.

More Phone Calls

SEO for law firms frequently necessitates a local SEO strategy to reach more customers in a specific region. I recommend creating geo-specific content and claiming your Google My Business profile.

Law firms can use local listings to promote their contact information to increase the number of phone calls and leads they receive.

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