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October 2023 Volatility with the Google Core Algorithm Update

by | Oct 29, 2023 | SEO Consulting Tips

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The digital realm was set abuzz with high levels of volatility and spirited discussion within the SEO community, commencing late on Friday, October 13, and persisting throughout the weekend. The prevailing sentiment suggests that this turbulence can be attributed primarily to the Google October 2023 core update, with some influence from the parallel Google October 2023 spam update, albeit to a lesser extent.

This marked the second occasion where we witnessed a surge in ranking fluctuations since these two algorithm updates began. The initial wave of turbulence initiated around October 10, maintaining its vigor for a couple of days. It’s important to note that the core update commenced its rollout on October 5, 2023, around midnight ET. Curiously, we observed substantial ranking volatility on the 10th and then again on the 14th, with some minor oscillations occurring within this timeframe.

The discourse surrounding these developments has been particularly intense, with a remarkable 650-plus comments on my last post. Many of these comments unveil distressing narratives of online businesses enduring substantial setbacks due to this update. The anecdotes are so poignant that they might prove unsettling to some readers, hence the forewarning.

A recurrent theme of concern pertains to copycat sites and content scrapers outranking original content creators. Regrettably, such a scenario transpires when an algorithm update deems the original site as inadequately authoritative, enabling other, sometimes content-pilfering sites to usurp their rankings. Even more disconcerting, Google has confirmed this dynamic.

The deployment of Google’s October 2023 core update is underway and is anticipated to span a two-week window. It’s worth noting that this marks the third expansive core algorithm update of the year. The inaugural core update of 2023 transpired as the March 2023 core update, with a rollout beginning on March 15 and concluding on March 28. The second core update unfolded as the August 2023 core update, commencing its rollout on August 22 and drawing to a close on September 7.

In the event of an adverse impact on your website, Google has guided you on approaching such a scenario. Specifically, Google advises that no specific actions guarantee recovery, as a drop in rankings doesn’t inherently signal an issue with your pages. To navigate this challenge, Google offers a list of pertinent questions to contemplate if your site is affected by a core update. Notably, a degree of recovery can transpire between core updates, with the most substantial changes typically unfolding after subsequent core updates.

Why should this concern you? When Google updates its search ranking algorithms, your website’s performance in search results can experience fluctuations. Being aware of these updates allows us to discern whether these fluctuations are attributed to alterations made on your website or shifts in Google’s ranking algorithms. With the confirmation of a core ranking update, monitoring your analytics and rankings over the ensuing weeks is prudent.

However, the simultaneous rollout of the spam update complicates isolating which update or updates may have impacted your website. This confluence of core and spam updates underscores the need for a vigilant approach in gauging their influence on your online presence.


Maintaining a Steadfast Online Presence in 2023 and Beyond

Nurturing a resilient online presence after these algorithmic shifts requires a multifaceted approach that combines vigilance, analysis, and adaptability. Here are some essential considerations to help you navigate the evolving SEO landscape:


In-Depth Analysis: The first step in understanding the impact of algorithm updates is a comprehensive analysis. Scrutinize your website’s performance metrics, including traffic, rankings, and user engagement. Identify which pages experienced significant fluctuations and whether specific keyword groups were particularly affected. This analysis forms the foundation for your strategic response.


Content Evaluation: High-quality content remains the cornerstone of SEO. Evaluate your existing content to ensure it aligns with the needs and interests of your target audience. Address gaps in your content strategy, update outdated information and create fresh, engaging content to meet user expectations.


User Experience Enhancement: SEO extends beyond keywords and backlinks; it’s about delivering a seamless user experience. Reduce bounce rates, enhance time-on-page, and ensure easy navigation for your visitors. Google rewards sites that keep users engaged.


Structured Data Implementation: Leverage structured data (schema markup) to enhance your website’s visibility in search results. Rich snippets provide a more informative and visually appealing user experience, boosting click-through rates.


Mobile Optimization: With the growing use of mobile devices, mobile optimization is non-negotiable. A responsive and mobile-friendly design is not only appreciated by users but is also favored by search engines.


Voice Search Considerations: Voice search tech necessitates optimizing your content for voice search. Tailor your content to respond to natural language queries and focus on long-tail keywords that capture conversational search patterns.


Link Profile Analysis: A robust backlink profile is instrumental in SEO. Scrutinize the quality and relevance of your incoming and outgoing links. Disavow spammy or irrelevant links that might negatively affect your site’s authority.


Local SEO Focus: Local SEO is paramount for businesses with a physical presence or catering to a local audience. Ensure your Google My Business profile is up-to-date and optimized for local searches. Positive reviews and accurate business information can significantly enhance your local search visibility.


Stay Informed: In the ever-evolving SEO landscape, staying informed about industry trends and Google’s guidelines is a continuous commitment. Adapt your strategies to align with changing algorithms and trends to maintain your competitive edge.


Social Signals: While Google maintains that social signals do not directly impact rankings, an active and influential social presence can indirectly benefit your SEO. Engaging with your audience on social media, cultivating a strong brand presence, and driving traffic through social platforms can enhance your online authority.


Regular Audits: Consistent website audits are essential to identify and rectify issues promptly. This includes monitoring broken links, addressing duplicate content, and ensuring your site’s health. Regular audits help maintain a clean and user-friendly website.


Backlink Cleanup: Over time, a website may accumulate low-quality or spammy backlinks that can harm its SEO. Conduct a thorough backlink analysis and consider disavowing toxic links to protect your site’s reputation.


User-Generated Content: Encourage user-generated content, such as reviews, comments, and testimonials. Not only does this build trust and credibility, but it also provides fresh, relevant content that can boost SEO.


Data Analysis: Leverage data and analytics to identify trends and user behavior. Understand how visitors interact with your site, which content is most popular, and where improvements can be made. Data-driven decisions are critical to ongoing success.


Mobile-First Design: As mobile usage rises, prioritize a mobile-first design approach. Ensure your website is responsive and optimized for mobile users, offering a seamless experience across all devices.


As you navigate the challenges presented by Google’s core algorithm updates, it’s important to remember that SEO is a dynamic and ongoing endeavor. The ability to adapt and deliver value to your audience, regardless of algorithmic changes, ultimately propels your online presence toward long-term success.

Maintaining vigilance and dedicating resources to analyze, adapt, and optimize your website in response to these updates is a strategy that will help you endure the fluctuations and emerge even stronger in the ever-evolving digital landscape. In essence, a proactive, multifaceted approach ensures that your digital presence not only endures but thrives amid algorithmic shifts.


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