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SEO Tech Companies

by | Nov 26, 2022 | SEO Consulting Tips

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SEO tech companies are the perfect B2B and B2C solutions for software, tech, and related companies.  

Today’s hyper-connected world has two modes.

One mode involves constant sharing on social media. Information exchange is quick, and things can go viral in a heartbeat.

The other side of the Internet, which affects B2B customers, shies away from the virtual light of the Internet. Sharing personal details is almost off-limits, and people want the information exchange to occur without sharing their details.

SEO tech companies help solve the tech marketer’s problem in the Age of the Anonymous Customer.


What are SEO Tech Companies?

SEO tech companies are the application of search engine optimization strategies to achieve the following goals:

– Expand brand awareness

– Meet and engage customers where they are and when they need you

– Provide relevant and valuable content to buyers

– Create a sound inbound marketing plan for your company or service

– Generate organic leads and increase sales

– Establish your company as an authority in your field and industry

– Expand your online reach

– Grow your website traffic

SEO tech companies trump the Age of the Anonymous Customer challenge by helping pre-qualify leads and attracting organic traffic that’s interested in what you have to offer.

Tech SEO is the most innovative application of what you know of your market and happens to be a foundational component of inbound marketing. While technical SEO is not the entire map of inbound marketing, no inbound marketing effort is complete without SEO for tech companies.

Information technology SEO completes the map and leads tech marketers straight to their intended audience: B2B customers who want to know more about the software, platform, or service and may (or may not) want to share their private information online.


What Makes an SEO for Tech Companies Successful?

Experience and Expertise

SEO for tech companies requires deep experience, knowledge of the market, and how customers interact with brands online. The ideal SEO consultant should also have a profound appreciation of technology and how it impacts company growth. The SEO consultant should also have both knowledge and authority in the field.

A tech SEO consultant will shape the overall strategy and the ongoing campaign spanning three domains: on-page optimization, off-page optimization, and technical SEO. These three components will work together to create the desired results. The initial website audit will also reveal areas for improvement. The consultant will also work to improve organic traffic by creating the correct spaces on the website to attract your target audience.

An Inbound Marketing Approach

SEO tech companies are not isolated from the more significant digital marketing effort. The body that makes SEO work comprises the company’s website, social media channels, and every content that your company will use to generate interest in your products and services. A genuine SEO consultant will begin with a more comprehensive inbound marketing framework software and tech companies and craft an SEO strategy from what they’ve learned from your market.

Long-Term Plan

SEO is a marathon and never a sprint. SEO tech companies work because it builds an entire city that will remain active in generating leads and sales for your business for years to come. The SEO campaign should also follow industry best practices and

Google’s content quality guidelines, among other things. This long-term plan will evolve as the SEO consultant studies the results and collates new findings. Essentially, SEO is something that you do for a long time because the digital search landscape is ever-changing.

Nothing is more effective than an ongoing effort that consistently improves your website instead of starting-stopping the process. The catch-up phase takes a long time, so we tell business owners to begin their SEO efforts early.


SEO For Technology Companies Simplifies Digital Marketing

SEO for technology companies is the bridge between customers and businesses online. Curiosity is a human trait that never goes away. Search engines were created to ease our burdens and satisfy our insatiable curiosity.

With the help of search engines, we now have access to an infinite trove of data at our fingertips. It isn’t easy to fathom what people did before the Internet. To the point where people often think of “the internet” when they hear the word “Google.”

Google is synonymous with an online search.

It doesn’t matter if you own a bakery or manage an IT development team. If you need digital marketing for any business and want to strengthen your inbound marketing muscles, you need SEO for IT companies. SEO for IT companies introduces a brand and helps tech companies carve a space that’s truly theirs online. Sure, there will always be competition, but your IT company will now have many more opportunities to appear on top of SERPs.

Impress your customers and make them want to speak to an agent about a possible purchase. Pre-qualify leads by offering content that caters to every point in the customer journey. Make your marketing and sales teams’ lives easier by leveling the playing field with better search engine optimization.

You can accomplish all these things with the right SEO for tech companies from Bruce Jones SEO.


Here’s Why You Need to Focus on Google with Technology SEO

Google is Simply Number One

It’s not shocking that Google is the most popular search engine and website overall. The search engine processes nearly 90 billion queries monthly. Many internet users log in to Google daily to conduct their routine informational inquiries. But Google is more than just a search engine; it also offers a wide range of other resources. In addition to Gmail, Google also provides a news service, a shopping service, and a platform for sharing videos and images online.

Google is the most popular website globally.

The search engine also happens to be the undisputed king of search engines. To be more precise, as of January 2022, Google controls 91.9% of the market, making SEO for tech companies a necessity and not just an “add-on” to your digital marketing strategy.

For context, let’s look at how Google’s search engine market share stacks up against some of the other major players in the industry. The current market share breakdown is as follows:

– Baidu and YANDEX – 1.27%

– Yahoo – 1.51%

– Bing – 2.88%

Since Google Search debuted in 1997, its competitors have struggled to keep up. Google’s dominance in the search engine market has remained steady over the past decade.

This continuing dominance (and relevance) makes SEO for technology companies essential for long-term growth.

Over time, however, Google has branched out into other areas, providing services such as email, productivity software, mobile devices, and more.

Google handles more than 99,000 searches per second.

That’s more than 8.5 billion searches per day. Back in 1998, Google was able to handle a little over 10,000 queries per day.

Google will be able to process the same number of searches in a second by the end of 2006. In a little over a decade, Google went from obscurity to being a staple in the lives of internet users everywhere.

Many people believe that Google’s immense popularity and success as a search engine stem from the fact that it consistently returns high-quality results. Google accomplishes this by dissecting users’ queries and then directing them to pages on relevant websites.

Information technology SEO is crucial if your company wishes to ride the crest of success of the search engine.

SEO for tech companies also demystifies the process and allows software or tech companies to enter the fray with their relevant content.


Visual Search

To maintain its dominance, Google has made it ridiculously simple for its users to perform searches.

Users are conducting Google searches via traditional methods, like desktop and mobile browsers, but they are also testing out novel approaches, like Google Lens.

Google Lens also uses AI and ML. As such, it facilitates the use of smartphone cameras for object recognition. They need only point their cameras at it to find out what it is and ask Google Assistant.

Its capabilities are also regularly upgraded. After only a year on the market, Google Lens can identify over a billion distinct objects. Thanks to its many advantages, it is gaining in popularity. Over a billion questions have been asked of it so far.

Search results aren’t restricted to visual media. Besides being able to read aloud, Google Lens can also translate text (it supports over a hundred languages) and is helpful for users who have trouble reading small text.


Google and Mobile

Google search is becoming increasingly popular on mobile devices. In fact, on Google, mobile comes before desktop. When broken down by type of device, mobile accounts for 63% of organic search traffic in the United States on Google.

Mobile website development and SEO for tech companies go hand in hand.

When people say “mobile search,” they usually mean a Google query entered on mobile devices.

There has been a rise in the number of Google searches conducted on mobile devices in the USA beginning since 2013.

Tablet and smartphone users are more likely to conduct local searches, in which they are looking for answers to a specific query that is more likely to be location-based than users of other devices. In addition, mobile device users are more interested in quick facts and other simple information than in deeply exploring complex topics through their searches.

If your website is not search-engine-optimized for mobile devices, it may reduce CX (customer experience) and the dwell time on many of your pages.

SEO for tech companies solves this by thoroughly auditing your website and its pages and creating a comprehensive tech SEO strategy to resolve hiccups and position your tech company for organic traffic and long-term success.


How Much Do People Need Google?

Search engines have become the go-to resource for people looking for just about anything.

84% of people in the study used Google at least three times per day.

Google Search has undergone many significant transformations in just a few short years. The traditional search results we got from Google about a decade ago have been supplemented with many new features.

Google released enhancements that accelerated the speed with which it responded to search queries. Moreover, Knowledge Panels and Featured Snippets take up prominent real estate on SERPs.

When searching for something, we get more relevant video and image results, which is probably what most people were looking for in the first place. People Also Ask boxes, which show related questions to the user’s original query, were also added to the search engine.


The Google Shopping Experience

Nearly half of all product searches begin on Google.

Data like this is helpful for tech marketers looking to understand better the customer journey and how to streamline the purchasing process. For example, insight into the initial point of product interest is helpful for marketers because it allows them to anticipate how their efforts will play out at every stage of the customer’s decision-making process. In addition, SEO tech companies aids in giving users the information they need to make informed purchasing decisions.

Most people don’t go past the first page of results during online searches. Ninety percent of survey participants admitted that they would likely choose one of the top results.

In most cases, if you don’t get the results you’re looking for on the first page, you’ll change your query or move on to the next.

According to customer surveys, sixty percent of smartphone users said they were “very likely” to select one of the top three search results presented to them. This further highlights the significance of organic search results.

Gaining more exposure in the eyes of potential customers is the primary goal of improving your ranking. One of the goals of any company should be to rank highly on the first page of Google’s SERPs. Moving past Google’s first page severely limits your exposure.

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