Top 7 Reasons To Hire An SEO Consultant + 4 Bonus Tips for Choosing the Right One

by | Oct 17, 2020 | SEO Strategy

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You got premium content, eye-catching and appealing websites but still suffering for traffic and rankings? What’s missing? It’s SEO (search engine optimization).

SEO is subset of Digital Marketing, and one can say that an SEO expert is the person who can integrate Digital Marketing and best SEO practices to achieve your business goals.

Why Is SEO Important For Your Website?

SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of ranking your website in SERP (Search engine result page). Google has an ever changing algorithm. Its web bots crawls websites and ranks them on the basis of multiple factors. The excellent and more relevant websites rank higher in search results and get more traffic or visitors.

How many of you click to the second page of Google search results to find the information you need? Only 1, 2, or 5%. If nobody is looking at the second page of Google, how can websites that rank on the second page get visitors or traffic? No traffic means a 0 conversion rate.

Whenever you search for a query in the Google search bar, Google displays you results based on relevancy. SEO ensures that your website shows up whenever someone searches for that specific keyword or query, and you get the targeted visitors, which means more conversion.

You might be thinking this should be very easy I will write relevant content on my website, and my website will show on the first page of Google. Stop thinking because this process seems easy enough, but apart from relevancy, there are many other factors involved in ranking, and for this, you need to hire an SEO expert to bring these other ranking factors to light.

Reasons To Hire An SEO Consultant

1. SEO Consultants Can Produce Better Results

SEO experts are professionals with years of experience that ensure that the job will be done with perfection. They have a lot of information about the targeted audience, and they know how to attract them by optimizing your websites.

They perform keyword research, keyword audit, on-page SEO, backlink building, or off-page SEO, competitor insights to make sure that your website is giving its 100%.

Link building is the most significant and difficult aspect of SEO. To build quality links and get targeted traffic, hire SEO companies or experts.

2. Hiring an SEO Consultant Saves Money, Time, and Resources

SEO is a mixture of many factors like keyword research, URL optimization, Image optimization, content optimization, Backlinks, XML sitemap, inbound marketing, and much more. All these things, if performed individually, will cost you a good amount. Hiring an SEO company or SEO expert not only saves your budget by providing all these services in an attractive package but they also save your time and resources as you don’t have to hire a separate person for each task plus an SEO company offers monthly based services to push your rank higher in SERP.

3. Implementation of the Latest SEO Techniques

To keep your website updated and upgraded with the newest techniques and rules of SEO, hiring a professional SEO consultant will help.

If you’re not an expert, it can be difficult to keep up to date. And you probably shouldn’t have time to keep your pulse on SEO trends or Google algorithm changes.

Google algorithms are constantly changing. New updates and upgrades are coming all the time. An SEO consultant is here for your rescue in this situation, and they do all the hard work for your business.

4. Gain Organic Traffic

To get more organic traffic is the dream of every website. It’s like having potential customers of your business. The job of an SEO Expert is to bring more potential customers or organic traffic to your website.

Organic traffic means somebody got to your website by seeing it in Search engine result, which is the goal.

A Google search influences 39% of customers of a website. With the right tactics, the customer or potential buyers will get on the relevant pages on your website and make a purchase.

This process is not as simple as it sounds. An SEO consultant studies sales funnels and marketing tactics that guarantee conversions.

5. Makes a Good impression in front of Google

Suppose you contact an unprofessional or local SEO consultant with imperfect knowledge. In that case, they will use unethical and underhanded techniques like keyword stuffing, page jacking or false backlinks, etc. which will get you ranking at first very quickly, but when Google finds out, they penalize or blacklist your website.

If your website got penalized or blacklisted site, it will lose almost 95 percent of its organic traffic, which is a significant loss in sales, and also it is extremely tough to get off of Google’s blacklist.

If you want to save your website from false SEO techniques, hire a Professional SEO consultant because they won’t try a way out of Google algorithms and rules.

They use ethical and honest tactics to get you targeted traffic and desired conversions.

6. Provides Website Maintenance

Do you want your competitor to steal your ranking? No? Then keep this thing in mind that Search engine rankings aren’t permanent, and Website optimization is an on-going process.

If you don’t want your competitor to take your spot on Google, hire an SEO company or expert. Because they constantly monitor the progress of your website. They will analyze your website’s data, create campaigns, and adopt new tactics if necessary.

SEO consultants also maintain things like fixing and redirecting broken links, re-optimizing old content, maintaining local listings, etc. All these things play a significant role in a website high ranking in Google search results

SEO isn’t a one-and-done thing. It takes time and works to maintain the results.

7. Consultants Provide a Professional Second Opinion

Getting a second opinion from a professional will only help you in getting better. Consult with an SEO expert to get an opinion from a fresh set of eyes for your business.

They will provide a professional second opinion and give you suggestions from a marketing and branding perspective.

They will tell you after having a look at your website or content that needs to be updated. SEO professionals have studied SEO for years and have ample experience; they will guide you nothing but the best.

Give it a try and see the results.

Tips for Choosing the Right SEO Consultant

Now you have read a lot about website rankings, SEO, and stuff, and you are ready to hire an SEO expert, but you don’t know how to find the best one? Which one is professional, and which one is not? Don’t worry; we will tell you some tips that will help you to get the right man for your business.


If you don’t know what the qualities of a good SEO expert are, then you can get leads from people and your peers. You can read their reviews on their website if they have. Another way is to use Google to just write in the Google search bar “SEO Expert Chicago, “and Google will display the list of SEO consultants providing services in Chicago.

Talk to your friends or co-workers if they got any good ones, which helped them improve their inbound marketing strategies.

Their previous clients? Were they satisfied? If not, why not? If you do not speak with someone directly and ask questions, you’ll have to try and find your answers in reviews on websites.


If they are professional, they will have samples to show. Ask them to provide you with concrete examples of their work. Doing this will help you find out if they’re a good fit for you.

Tell them about your business and ask if they’ve ever worked for a business like yours and ask about the results they achieved.

Look at their website and find out if they write good content? Is their site easy to navigate?

These things indicate their professional work abilities. Many consultants focus more on the client site than on their own, so don’t lose confidence in them just because a couple of things aren’t what you’d expect.


Effective Communication is the key. If you are satisfied with the answers to your questions or problems by having a conversation with an SEO consultant, then that guy is the right fit for you.

A good SEO strategy takes months and even years to establish. If your mind or thinking matches an SEO expert, then go for it. If there is a lack of Communication, you didn’t hear back for a long time, unaware of what work is going on, then leave that person or company.


When you’re deciding on an SEO consulting service, you can never ask too many questions. Before hiring, Make sure that they can meet your requirements and that you have a clear understanding of how they’ll take on the process. Here are some questions you should ask before hiring:

  • When can we expect to see the results?
  • What fees would you charge?
  • What will you need from us to be successful?
  • What if I don’t like your service and want to cancel?
  • Will I own the content if I leave the contract?
  • Do you budget-friendly packages options? If so, what are they?

Hire an SEO Professional

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