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Blogger Outreach Service: Why It Works

by | Sep 27, 2022 | SEO Consulting Tips

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A blogger outreach service delivers incredible value and various benefits to businesses regardless of market or industry vertical.

Bruce Jones SEO Consultant offers a professional blogger outreach service that minimizes waiting time, identifies correct and relevant websites for guest posting, and enhances backlink quality by helping you create opportunities for meaningful editorial links. A blogger outreach service aims to enhance your website’s backlink profile through carefully curated content placements with the right keywords and links.

 Do You Need Blog Outreach?

Are you a business owner?

While you focus on running your business, we can help you tackle the problem of poor traffic and domain authority by helping you build high-quality links that improve your site’s ranking.

Are you an affiliate marketer?

Achieving enough high-quality links is the solution if you want to improve the performance of your affiliate site. You’ll have more time to concentrate on higher-value tasks, like writing more reviews and optimizing your website’s conversion rates.

Are you an SEO professional or a digital marketing agency?

We can extend our services to your agency or team if you struggle to locate usable websites for your clients.

 How Guest Posting Works Today

Business owners typically begin off-page SEO efforts by performing outreach on their lonesome. The information on finding websites for outreach is all over Google. There is never a shortage of niche sites.

However, saying they accept pitches via email doesn’t mean they will respond or you will get anything done soon. Furthermore, it’s an added burden if they want to charge you so many dollars for single-link placement.

Most of the time, outreach emails and content pitches fall on deaf ears. Some editors are simply busy, and most of the time, they already have constant content providers.

Older, high-DA websites with a good readership have already cultivated excellent relationships with businesses and content providers. But, of course, they don’t ‘need’ new content unless you have something spectacular for them. But what if you can’t show them how spectacular your content can be if they don’t answer?

Bruce Jones SEO Consultant’s blogger outreach service is dependable and guarantees high-quality results, which is all that truly matters in the end.

 How a Blogger Outreach Service Works

Here’s a summary of what a blogger outreach service accomplishes for businesses.

  1. Securing beautiful, relevant, and SEO-optimized content. All off-page content must be purposeful, relevant, informative, and engaging to the reading public.
  2. Discover opportunities for manual link placements on high-value and white hat websites. We avoid prohibited link farms and other shady websites that harm the backlink profile of the websites they ‘serve.’
  3. Deliver to your business a collection of links that help enhance domain authority, among other known SEO metrics.

Bruce Jones SEO Consultant collaborates with high-quality publishers and thought leaders all over the web across different markets and industries.

Our outreach network allows us to acquire relevant, high-quality, and permanent editorial links that boost your site’s position in search engines and bring in the right kind of visitors. Our outreach and link-building experts carefully curate available publication options before performing the actual outreach.

Our blogging outreach strategy considers metrics beyond just the DA of a website. While DA is necessary, a high DA score does not always equate to good performance after the link placement. Instead, we aim to enhance your branding efforts and backlink profile, which should be the case for every business hiring a professional blogger outreach service

 Essential Steps for a Successful Blogger Outreach Service

Find The Best Possible Leads

To begin, we zero in on the most promising leads that will bring in your desired demographic. Then, we will take care of obtaining link placements on relevant blogs on your behalf.

Mind the Brand Promotion

We don’t just find the best leads to connect with; we also make the initial contact. We take the hassle and lengthiness out of this otherwise necessary process. We’ve got you covered with an outreach process designed to foster lasting connections with key figures in your target audience.

Pitch for a Home Run

We devise fresh content concepts that meet the targeted blogs’ needs. Bruce Jones SEO Consultant’s blogger outreach service corresponds with the editors of each website, and we track the progress of each website until we

Craft the Content

Our veteran team can help you creates guest posts. The type of content for high-quality editorial backlinks must not be spammy or overly promotional. The content must also be optimized for the website and the target page. We check everything to ensure it’s good enough to be published on the most authoritative sites. There is no level of SEO copywriting we cannot accomplish with our expert, stellar team.

Deliver White Label Reports

In addition to providing the published content, the golden backlinks, and keeping you in the loop, we can also provide you with white-label SEO reports if you wish to partake of our services as a reseller. Again, Bruce Jones, SEO Consultant, will do the heavy lifting while you benefit from the results. Expand your client reach and agency capacity with us!

Plan Custom Outreach Campaigns

If a client comes to us with precise niche requirements, we create a unique outreach campaign and only pursue links from highly relevant websites.

 Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a blogger outreach service?

We publish articles on related blogs to encourage organic mentions of your brand. Then, we will perform manual outreach or correspondence with the relevant websites, followed by idea pitching, and finally, get new content published on these high-quality sites. When you hire a blogger outreach service, they will help manage your off-page SEO efforts, content creation, pitching, content publication, etc.

 Why does blogging outreach work?

Blogging outreach is not rocket science. You can increase your site’s visibility by gaining backlinks from influential bloggers if you know how to pitch the content they need. It works because you benefit from having your content placed in front of established audiences. Established audiences are more trusting of their chosen blogs and websites. They’re more likely to click and read, too. From the SEO perspective, link placement helps build your website’s DA.

You’d be wrong to assume that bloggers wouldn’t be interested in what you have to offer. You’d be surprised at how many bloggers there are besides those who write about food, fashion, or travel. There are countless blogs, such as those focused on finances, technology, movies, and more. There will always be a passionate blogger for any topic you choose to focus on.

To summarize, blogger outreach is a content marketing strategy that any business can implement. You need only approach the right editors, writers, and blogs.

 How do you get started?

We can’t simplify blogger outreach to simply collecting email addresses and sending out random content pitches. Strategic thinking and planning are prerequisites for success. Results can only be achieved by putting yourself in the shoes of your potential blogger partners, learning everything you can about their needs, and demonstrating how working with you will help them achieve their ambitions. The success of your outreach effort will be directly related to your capacity to identify and articulate the other party’s most pressing needs. If you approach blogger outreach with empathy, you’ll find more success and build longer-lasting, more genuine relationships.

Your outreach effort should begin with well-defined, measurable objectives like any other project. By setting and working toward these objectives, you will have clear benchmarks against which to evaluate progress.

Even if you achieve your goals, you can learn more about how well you did by comparing your results to those goals. After settling on an objective, it is time to establish measures of success. For example, you could elaborate on what qualities you look for in “the right” blogger before you even send that first email.

 Is blogging outreach safe for my website?

There is no risk with our blogger outreach service. We only use the best industry practice and are strictly white hat in our SEO system. Outreach and guest posting helps websites achieve better SERP rankings. Reaching out to authoritative websites is essential. We make sure the blog posts flow naturally and offer something of value to the readers.

 Where exactly do you put the links?

We check to ensure that links appear only in the main content (MC). They must never be placed anywhere else on the page. Otherwise, all efforts are for naught. Our citations appear naturally within the text. So while author bio links are okay, you get better benefits when it’s in the content.

 Can I place multiple orders once as a reseller of your blogger outreach service?

Ordering a custom quantity at the time of order placement is entirely acceptable. You can also tell us about the word count requirements and DA requirements. Then, provide us with the target page URLs, and we’ll get on it.

 Will my links be posted on different websites?

We do offer this guarantee. We check each order to make sure the domain name is unique. In addition, we record every placement we make on your behalf.

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