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Bruce Jones’ New SEO Book is Coming Soon

by | Sep 17, 2022 | SEO Consulting News

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Bruce Jones, the founder of Bruce Jones SEO Consultant and five other SEO companies, will launch his first search engine optimization book this year.

Learn SEO: Think Like Your Customers to Get More of Them is a comprehensive foundation for anyone who wants to learn SEO as a proper digital marketing channel. Learn SEO reveals the entirety of the SEO map and the journey businesses must take to make their SEO campaigns genuinely pay off.

Learn SEO corrects the misconceptions about search engine optimization and rightly provides the proper pathways that connect this inbound marketing channel with the business, the consumers, and how the digital marketing landscape has changed in the past ten years.

Learn SEO covers these key domains and more:

  1. Google’s core updates and what they entail for businesses.
  2. The current state of SEO and how to navigate intense competition.
  3. How to avoid Google’s content penalties (hint: it’s a bit more complicated than you may have thought)
  4. Creating SEO-friendly content with the purpose
  5. High-quality pages vs. low-quality pages
  6. The consumer turn in SEO
  7. What are micro-moments, and why should you prepare for these?
  8. Bridging the disconnect between a business vision and the reality on the ground
  9. What is the age of assistance?
  10. SEO ranking factors and where to focus more
  11. The pillars of keyword research and why it’s the first step, not the last one

Who is This Book For?

Learn SEO: Think Like Your Customers to Get More of Them is designed for everyone who wants to learn SEO from the comfort of their office or home. It covers all the significant areas of SEO while providing you with the key competencies to become an effective SEO practitioner.

Read Learn SEO if you want to achieve any of these goals:

  1. Increase organic traffic to your homepage and landing pages.
  2. Increase CTR, reduce bounce rate, and improve customer engagement across all your digital properties.
  3. Improve your search visibility in local searches regardless of competition.
  4. Understand how you can craft an off-page campaign or backlink-building effort without relying on shady black hat SEO tactics.
  5. Create an SEO strategy like the professionals using all the pillars of SEO and the established best practices over the last twenty years.
  6. Increase the content quality and create a powerful brand based on publishing relevant content while satisfying search engine parameters for quality content and your customers’ needs.
  7. Understand the connection between consumer trends and keyword research.
  8. Discover how you can repurpose old content again and again while boosting your website’s authority and content relevance.
  9. Explore the differences between the different algorithm changes through the years.
  10. And so much more!

Learn SEO is ideal for business owners, marketing professionals, marketing directors, PR directors, digital marketers, and professionals looking to start a career in SEO. Entrepreneurs from all markets and industry verticals are also welcome to begin learning SEO if they wish to craft their campaigns and lead them.

SEO opens its doors to anyone who is patient with the process and knows that long-term gains are permanent gains. Just as the most prominent brands were not built overnight, SEO seers know that all the time and resources that businesses invest in search engine optimization continually increase the payoff for years to come.

SEO is a marathon and not a sprint.

If you’re ready for a marathon that generates higher ROI, more leads, and more sales, you’ve come to the right place and have found the right SEO book, too.

Power Your Website with Learn SEO

Perform any search on Google, and you will quickly see one hundred pages of search results, all vying for your attention. This scene is the main springboard for SEO motivation. Businesses want to be seen.

They don’t want to end up on page 60. But the reality is that there’s so much new content every day that businesses need to keep up.

Learn SEO is all about powering websites with the right strategies to make them shine. The book contains essential lessons connecting Google’s efforts in natural language processing, ranking signals, and general marketing plan with the rest of the internet.

Google’s primary goal is to sell more ads to people. This is a matter of fact. That’s how Google generates its fortunes. Therefore, to be good at SEO, you must think ahead.

Learn SEO reveals the only future-proof direction for website owners and points at the related methods to make the direction work. However, the direction is just the first step. You must be able to create strategies based on the general direction and implement them tirelessly and consistently.

Therefore, it’s always a good idea to begin SEO early. Since SEO takes time, starting several years after establishing a business means the beneficial effects will not immediately manifest. But if you begin early, say when your website has just launched, your SEO’s goldmine of benefits will grow with your business.

This is not an exaggeration but a gentle reminder that because SEO is a legit digital marketing channel, you can’t “hack” it (not really). However, you must also be willing to be creative, innovative, and sometimes daring because you will try out SEO experiments eventually!

Learn SEO gives people a fair opportunity to thrive with inbound marketing. SEO is never about just getting more and more links.

The best type of SEO communicates directly with consumers and convinces them that your business is worth trying. That’s why it’s so essential for SEOs to understand that SEO cannot be isolated from other parts of the digital marketing effort.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that SEO is just about one thing: this and not that. The truth is that SEO is all related to customers’ surfing habits, buying habits, social interactions, etc. All these data points are relevant to search engine optimization.


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