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eCommerce Trends That Will Impact SEO in 2022

by | Aug 15, 2022 | SEO Consulting Tips

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The foundations of good SEO are constantly changing, depending on the direction that search engines pursue each year. In particular, the eCommerce sector is continually evolving as the global demand continues to increase as consumer technology changes. In addition, in 2020 and 2021, businesses grappled with an expanded field that must be filled up as people were restricted from doing business physically.

In 2022, eCommerce sites will carry the continuing pressure of responding to changing consumer tastes and preferences while shopping online. Again, eCommerce will continue to be in flux, but there are clear trends that eCommerce operators can begin studying now, so they can improve their sites as needed.

The Omnichannel Customer Experience

In 2022, the omnichannel approach to eCommerce will continue to grow. Today’s buyers place a premium on convenience. This convenience is provided via an omnichannel strategy, which creates a seamless experience regardless of whether customers are buying on a PC, looking for things on a smartphone, or picking up stuff they want through “click and collect” platforms or apps. As a result, businesses investing in omnichannel strategies will increase their chances of increasing revenue and client loyalty.

Mobile eCommerce

From 2022 to 2025, experts expect mobile commerce sales in the United States to continue growing. Therefore, your business must provide a simple and compelling experience for mobile shoppers to remain competitive.

A robust mobile eCommerce experience will keep clients returning to your business and ensure that your sales continue to grow in the years to come. Consider adding the following to your digital marketing blueprint: a mobile-optimized site that loads quickly, a mobile app or web app, specialized mobile content, SMS, and push notifications.

Optimizing the Buyer Journey

For many operators, eCommerce has evolved into the principal channel for customer acquisition. As a result, merchants must constantly evaluate and enhance all client touchpoints to remain competitive. To improve buyer journeys, prioritize improving product search, streamlining the mobile experience, delivering comprehensive merchandising, and nailing your deliveries and returns processes.

Conversion Optimizations

To succeed as a modern eCommerce business, you must be able to attract clients’ attention immediately and eliminate any sources of friction along the conversion process. Therefore, conversion rate optimization is one of the enduring eCommerce trends that will assist online merchants in achieving both immediate and long-term success.

Boosting Social Commerce

People increasingly use social media to discover new products and companies, and brands respond by meeting buyers where they are. As a result, sales from social commerce are expected to reach almost eighty billion dollars by 2025.

As businesses raise their budgets for social media expenses, it’s critical to develop a comprehensive social strategy based on data and a clear understanding of your market/sector.

Consider sharing user-generated content to improve follower engagement, begin working with different types of influencers to broaden your reach, showcase products via Livestream shopping, etc.


Sustainability is not exclusive to environmentally conscious brands. More firms will adopt sustainable practices as more people purchase from purpose-driven companies.

These practices will involve material adjustments to products and donations to organizations dedicated to sustainability.

To engage today’s conscientious consumers, you’ll want to ensure that your beliefs fit with those of your target audience. This alignment will help your business gain trust and prosper.

New Channels and Marketplaces

Consumers are increasingly gravitating toward marketplaces, ranging from large-scale merchants like Amazon and Walmart to niche, curated websites. This demonstrates a shift in consumer preferences toward the ease and speed these massive marketplaces can easily give buyers.

Rather than focusing only just a singular selling platform, we will see eCommerce owners selling (or returning to sell) alongside Amazon. These businesses will leverage Amazon’s broad reach and efficient systems while retaining control and a consistent brand experience on their website.

Personalized Customer Experiences

The facts do not lie: a massive 80% of buyers want increased customization from the eCommerce shops they support. By delivering a higher level of personalization, businesses may cater to shoppers based on their stage in the customer journey, providing each visitor with personalized attention that motivates them to go down the funnel.

Creating a tailored shopping experience is critical to client satisfaction. Shoppers frequently want assistance in locating the appropriate products and prefer a more personalized experience tailored to their specific needs.

Ecommerce sites that embrace this trend invest in new tech that enables them to send customized and relevant marketing offers, follow-up emails, and pop-up notifications to improve the buying experience and build a better relationship with customers.

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