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SEO Consulting: What It Is & How It Works

by | Jun 16, 2022 | SEO Consulting Tips

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SEO consulting is part of a growing and genuinely resilient global industry of professionals, agencies, and other vendors who provide SEO services to different entities. SEO consulting covers many practices concerning studying how search engines understand and rank websites. SEO is not paid search. SEO is not Google Ads or Facebook Ads, either.

SEO is so much bigger than individual branches of digital marketing. In the same breath, we can say that SEO strategies are super helpful for different types of digital marketing strategies. For anyone who wants a more concise definition of SEO, it is a digital marketing channel that allows businesses to get results like paid ads without directly paying for ads.

The best-optimized websites no longer have to run PPC campaigns because they’re always visible when people use specific search terms. As a result, people find these optimized businesses, and they get a lot of phone calls, emails, and messages through their Google Profiles, too.

Does it sound a bit unbelievable? But, there is no doubt that SEO results are fantastic – and nearly permanent, too. For example, suppose you have seen a web result on a top position of a Google SERP, and that page turns out to be something from 2012 or even earlier. In that case, you’re looking at a website or a page that has been so well optimized that Google doesn’t even bother to change the results despite the date stamp.


What are SEO Consultants?

An SEO consultant’s job description is to assist in improving your website. The website optimization process via SEO implies work is performed to assist different search engines in comprehending better comprehend the material on your webpage.

On the other hand, page optimization guarantees that when users search the web, they will naturally find valuable materials.

While this technique is entirely “free,” as no one exclusively ‘owns’ the numerous SEO strategies used by agencies and professionals, SEO still needs a more significant focus over time and plenty of love and labor to perform right. However, SEO’s payout is trustworthy search results presented to the right people and always at the right time.


What Do SEO Consultants Do?

SEO consultancy is one of the most excellent services, particularly if you do not want to invest in a complete, in-house team. By an SEO consultant on an as-needed basis, you potentially set yourself up for higher ROI in the future.

Consultants specializing in SEO evaluate different aspects of company websites, including their inbound links, and develop unique strategies for achieving higher Google rankings. These experts may be independent contractors, or they may be part of a digital marketing agency.

Many SEO consultants work full-time in an office. However, after the worst of the COVID pandemic, many SEO professionals, including SEO consultants, are embracing the hybrid work setup more fully, while others still prefer full WFH.

SEO consultants are regularly tasked with keyword research, ensuring that all website pages are mobile-optimized, and identifying and implementing methods to boost link building. These consultants may use Google Analytics 4, Moz, SEMRush, and many other tools to conduct tests and provide results. Additionally, they may conduct experiments to identify patterns and boost return on investment (ROI) in sponsored searches.

SEO consultants can also enhance content on your website, including the various content formats found on your product pages, landing pages, homepage, and so on. They can even help you develop a better social media strategy.

These consultants possess the skills to generate website activity reports, monitor progress and examine the effectiveness of their efforts. Some SEO consultants have additional functions, such as generating and implementing budgets and monitoring project spending. They may also create test programs and test new features and functions on websites they are optimizing.


Does SEO Make Businesses Relevant?

SEO is a crucial component of digital marketing since individuals do billions of searches annually, sometimes with the commercial purpose of obtaining information about products and services. Frequently, search is the critical source of internet traffic for companies, complementing other marketing methods. Therefore, greater exposure and a higher ranking in search results than your competitors may significantly influence your revenue.

However, search results have evolved over the past several years to provide consumers with more direct answers and information that is more likely to retain them on the results page instead of leading them to other websites.

Also, note that features such as rich results and Knowledge Panels in the search results can boost your company’s exposure and give users extra information immediately inside the results.


How Do SEO Consulting Services Work?

Now that you know what SEO consultants do, it’s time that we applied that to the context of hiring SEO consulting services. For example, let’s say you represent a large enterprise or a company that wishes to scale digitally.

Digital expansion sounds easy in theory, but unless you are going to rely solely on paid ads, your company at one point will have to contend with the fact that inbound marketing also works beautifully if done well.

SEO is a type of inbound marketing because it provides information to people when they need it, and it allows businesses to surface even in competitive markets where there are so many other similar products or services from competitors.

It’s no secret that search engine optimization can be confusing. It has grown “organically” (pardon the pun) for over twenty years now, and the industry has become so much more than just fixing the homepage of a website. SEO has expanded across nearly all segments of digital marketing, especially those that have to do with generating leads and sales from inbound methods.

The most significant task of SEO consulting services is to educate business owners, teams, and marketing professionals on how search works and how people find information on the internet.


Working with Google and SEO

Long before SEO was the large, global industry that it is now, web marketing professionals were already intuitive and observant of how Google and other search engines worked. Many will tell you that they were ‘doing SEO’ long before SEO became a thing. Google is the largest search engine around.

This is the only reason many search professionals have devoted much of their time and effort to it. If any other search engine reached the scale and popularity of Google, they’d be researching and developing methods for that search engine.


Google acknowledges SEO

It’s not true that Google discourages people from getting services. That’s not true. Google discusses the potential ROI from getting the right SEO services in their expansive webmaster guidelines. What Google says is that businesses should be careful when hiring SEO services because the black hat or unethical ones can damage your website’s reputation and cause penalties. A website that is penalized by Google will not appear in the search.

Google’s been crystal clear about unethical websites since the early 2000s. Then, a few years ago, when they started rolling out complex algorithm changes, the company became even more vigilant of bad websites with thin content that are of little or no value to users.

If a website resorts to unfair practices like using private blog networks, then they’re not going to allow those websites to make money through Google search results.

The idea of getting wholly banned from SERPs is terrifying for any business. Searchability is the number one factor when you are marketing anything online. If customers or clients can’t find you, you are toast.

Luckily, we believe that the SEO industry overall comprises ethical professionals who adhere to optimization standards. And the best ones who have been around for almost two decades (which is how much time SEO has grown from a small, technical task to a massive undertaking) know the SEO landscape the best.


What is On-Site SEO?

On-site SEO optimizes your website’s pages to boost rankings and user experience. This is the reverse of off-page SEO, which relates to optimizing non-site aspects.

This may include backlinks or mentions on social media. On-page optimization focuses on controllable SEO methods (in other words: on your site). Therefore, “on-page SEO” and “on-site SEO” frequently used interchangeably when you read about these terms or practices.

To build great content and a reliable website that generates tons of relevant traffic, your consultant will discuss several crucial components of an on-site SEO strategy with you as he devises an overall strategy for your digital business.


What is Off-Site SEO?

“Off-Page SEO” refers to all the actions you and others do away from your website to improve a page’s search engine rating. Although many people equate off-page SEO with link development, it encompasses much more. Off-page SEO requires various actions that do not result in a specific link on other websites. On-page SEO occurs within the website, and off-page SEO occurs outside the website. For example, if you publish a guest post or leave a comment on another blog, you are engaging in off-page site marketing.

Google continues to value links highly.

Google cannot immediately identify or measure the worth of a web page if no links are going to it, regardless of how valuable, timely, or comprehensive the page content may be.

Site owners are sometimes tempted to neglect basic link-building preparations. However, it is crucial that you give this the highest importance since creating a website will ensure that you are aware of the links you send to them.


What are the Functions of an SEO Consulting Company?

An SEO consulting company provides search engine optimization services to businesses to increase their online presence. Search engine optimization is the practice of modifying your website’s design and content to increase its visibility in search engine results. A seasoned SEO firm can assist your company’s website get a higher ranking in search engines.

Using the most up-to-date tools and methods, an SEO company knows how to boost your website and improve its appeal to search engines such as Google. SEO consulting companies can also assist you in identifying the keywords that will attract your target customers.

In addition, they will ensure that the architecture of your website is suited for search engine crawling. SEO consulting firms will boost your chances of ranking higher on search engine results pages by identifying what modifications your business can make to its website’s layout and content. The higher your content ranks for relevant keywords and phrases, the greater your chances of attracting new, qualified leads.

In addition to helping you get a higher ranking on SERPs, SEO consulting companies may also improve the quality of site visitors. Consider it this way: if you rank for keywords and phrases that precisely correlate with your product or service offering, the traffic you attract to your website is more relevant.

As you attract more relevant traffic to your website, your chances of influencing conversions will grow. This is because visitors to your website are more likely to be interested in your goods or services. In fact, according to a recent report, even if a PPC campaign is at the top of SERPs, 71.33% of clicks on the first page of SERPS result in conversions.

It’s because most people believe Google’s algorithm to be more reputable. Therefore, a successful SEO plan will bring you more traffic. An additional method in which an SEO consulting company will likely help in expanding your business or organization by offering measurable outcomes.

In contrast to specific traditional marketing strategies, SEO can be readily tracked and assessed at every campaign stage. By requesting a monthly analytics report from your SEO consulting company, you may better understand how the SEO services benefit your organization.


Do You Need to Partner with a Knowledgeable SEO Consultant?

Are you looking for an SEO consultant that can make grand plans and push out a viable strategy for your business? Bruce Jones SEO Consultant provides a comprehensive range of SEO services to help expand your business presence.

I can help you advance your Google Profile strategy and provide GA4 analytics and SEO reporting that you can understand instead of plowing through data lists fruitlessly. Bruce Jones SEO Consultant is also where you can gain insights for your local marketing and SEO efforts. Everything great begins with a plan – an SEO plan.

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