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Why Solar Companies Need Better SEO

by | Mar 1, 2022 | SEO Strategy

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If you own a solar company and are vying for a spot among Google’s top results, it’s crucial to realize early in the effort that you’re not going to survive without SEO.

You probably already own a WordPress site with a friendly theme, plugins, and flexible hosting solutions.

These represent the groundwork for a digital presence. However, work does not stop with merely having a friendly little website.

If you want to be competitive (meaning, you want to beat your competitors for top ranking keywords), you need SEO for solar energy.

Why Do You Need SEO For Solar Contractors?

Before anything else, let’s clarify what SEO is all about. SEO may have a lot of technical parts, but it’s still a channel for digital marketing.

What this means is when you optimize your site so you can be found, you are automatically marketing your business to your target audience. SEO doesn’t stop with good search engine algorithms. SEO encompasses all the excellent practices that make your site relevant and valuable to your customers.

Solar SEO in 2022 is not just about tweaking keywords or fixing metadata. Google and the other search engines have been upping the game for years now. Having an optimized site now means your pages must be well-designed, with content that is relevant and easy to read. Google uses hundreds of ranking signals. With billions of pages on the web today, competition is tight.

Solar installer SEO is a great equalizer.

Perform any search for any commercial term on the web, and you will see what we mean. The top pages in SERPs often have several commonalities. These pages are well-designed, with excellent copy, and provide solutions or answers to people’s questions and problems.

These pages did not get on page one accidentally.

Most of these pages are backed by unbelievable SEO efforts. The great thing about search engine optimization is often when you get your spot on page one, it will take some herculean effort to remove it. What appears on page one usually stays there for a long time.

Benefits of Solar Installer SEO

SEO Attracts Targeted, High-Quality Organic Traffic to Your Site

One of the primary advantages of SEO is that it is a form of inbound marketing.

Unlike traditional “outbound” advertising channels, which include reaching out to consumers regardless of whether they want to hear from you, inbound tactics focus on making it simple for your audience to find you when they are looking for information.

These more traditional approaches, such as cold phoning, spam emailing, and interruptive advertising, are carried out entirely for the advertiser’s benefit.

Many consumers find these methods vexing.

On the other hand, inbound marketing is significantly more customer-centric. Rather than interrupting consumers while listening to the radio or watching their favorite TV show, this form of marketing creates helpful resources and then facilitates access to this relevant information.

When people are ready to invest time in researching your sector or learning more about their possibilities for a particular sort of goods, they can find you on their own.

This is more convenient for consumers and provides your solar company with better leads.

You Don’t Have to Pay for Google Ads Anymore

The results determine Google’s organic ranks that its algorithm deems the best for each specific query.

This means that once a search engine deems a page worthy of being directed to by its users, it might continue to drive traffic to your site for months (or even years) after it is published. For example, it’s 2022 as of this writing, and there are still pages from 2014 or 2010 that are on page one of Google. You’d think that the years would kick these results off page one, but no – this is not the case.

Naturally, researching and writing high-quality material takes time and effort. This investment will take the shape of time if you design it yourself or money if you engage a digital marketing agency to do so for you.

After that initial investment is made, there is no recurring expense associated with driving traffic to your content.

Depending on the nature of the subject, you may need to update the page every few months. Additionally, you may need to supplement and improve if your competitors target the same keyword.

Nothing out of the ordinary if you want to stay competitive, right?

SEO Helps Generate More Clicks and Reads Than PPC

Although PPC advertisements appear above organic results on the first page, 71.33% of searches result in a click on an organic mark.

It’s tough to pinpoint why this occurs, but the most reasonable explanation is that users trust Google’s algorithm. They know the difference between paid ads and honest to goodness organic content, so they visit the organic pages chosen to be the best by the search engine.

Organic content, therefore, has a strong appeal because of its authenticity.

SEO is a Natural PR Catalyst

While SEO and public relations may appear to be utterly distinct marketing techniques, they can be combined to enhance the benefits from each.

The most apparent connection between the two is link building.

Link building from authoritative websites is a critical component of any SEO strategy. This means that a significant portion of an SEO professional’s job is to locate placement and coverage chances on industry blogs, news publications, and other relevant websites.

And, given that the goal of public relations is to attract prominent newspapers and influencers to write about your solar business, SEO has the potential to create enormous opportunities for PR.

When you use link-building research to discover new ways to bring your brand in front of consumers, you can significantly increase the effectiveness of your content distribution to prospective customers and clients.

SEO Helps You Leave Competitors in the Dust

Nowadays, SEO is primarily regarded as a necessary component of any marketing strategy.

Indeed, 61% of marketers rank enhancing their SEO and online presence as a significant priority.

This suggests that your competitors are likely already taking steps to achieve high search engine rankings.

And, with your own solar company SEO plan, you can keep up with — and, preferably, outperform — them to remain competitive in your business.

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