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Why Unique Content Is Important for SEO

by | Feb 13, 2022 | SEO Strategy

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When you look at the search results for nearly every Google query, you’ll notice that a lot of the headlines out there look the same.

For example, if we search for the word “seo” in Google, you’ll notice that a lot of the content pieces look like they do pretty much the same thing: tell me what SEO is.

google seo

For keywords like this, nothing changes too much over time as far as the pages that rank.

seo position history

Sometimes, however, you come across a search query where the top result is far different from the rest.

different seo results

In this example, this page ranks after having not even been in the top 5 at all until earlier this month.

bottom google results

This is the power of unique content.

But why?

Why does unique content help you improve your search result placement?

Here are a few reasons unique content is important for SEO.

Reason #1: Unique content stands out

If you find search results in Google that mostly look like the same thing, users aren’t going to feel drawn to any particular result and will click the first one.

If that doesn’t work, they’ll pogostick and try the second or third result based on their interpretation of the first.

The difference, though, is when unique content stands out.

For example, if you search “sales follow up statistics,” you’ll find this article from IRC Sales Solutions that, like some of the other results, lists a bunch of follow-ups.


When we look at the other results, however, we can see why IRC is winning the race.

sales follow up

But when you think about the concept of search intent, the people who search this keyword are writers looking for statistics to reference in their work.

Knowing this, it makes sense that a piece with easy-to-read visuals (i.e., the infographic) and fewer, more focused statistics would win the placement.

In this case, the unique focus on user-focused content won the race because it stood out.

Reason #2: Unique content attracts backlinks

If we go back to the original example from the intro in this article, we’ll see that one of the reasons the rankings improved so much is because the content attracted backlinks over time.

Here’s their ranking improvement over the last year…

And here’s their backlink acquisition…

Of course some of this is due to link building, but your content won’t attract backlinks, even with outreach, unless it’s unique.

Reason #3: Unique content proves authority

If you write what everyone else does, while it might help your users, they won’t see any unique value in going to your content instead of your competitors’.

However, if you publish content pieces that tell a unique story, you stand out as an expert.

When people perceive you as an expert on your topic, they’ll perceive you as an authority on it and will warm up to the idea of buying from you.

If you’re seen as an authority on the internet, the byproduct is that you’ll start to get links from the right places and the right people will start talking about you.

This is the kind of thing Google looks for when determining the authority of a website. Mostly with AI these days, which makes all of this possible for them to analyze at a large scale.

3 Tips for Creating Unique Content

Now that you know unique content is important for SEO, here are three ways you can make sure your content really is unique.

1. Find easy keywords

When doing your keyword research with tools like Ahrefs or Ubersuggest, looking for keywords with a low keyword difficulty score can help you find opportunities to easily create stand-out content.

This is because, when most people choose easy keywords, they don’t put a lot of effort into the content.

Knowing this, you can easily create something epic that stands out against them and gain some quick rankings (with the help of link building campaigns like guest posting).

2. Write persuasive copy

When writing on the internet, it’s not enough to simply get the information correct. You need to write sentences that persuade the reader to read the next one.

One way I like to do this is by using a storytelling framework used in film:

  • Exposition: This is the beginning of the movie where the main characters are introduced to the viewer. In content, this is where we would restate the current state of things to our reader.
  • Complication: This is the struggle of the main character. In content, this is the presentation to the reader of the problem.
  • Rising Action: In a movie, this is a series of setbacks that the main character experiences, all while moving toward a resolution. In content, this is the written series of events that you need to carry your reader through to solve their problem.
  • Climax: In movies, this is the high point. The main character determines what final action needs to be taken to claim victory over their struggle. In content, this is where you wrap things up for the reader in an easy-to-understand way.
  • Falling Action: In film, this ties up the story. In content, this is a well-summarized conclusion.

The reason writing content with the flow of a film in mind works so well is because, if you can tell the story around your content, your reader will be more easily able to sit in the seat as they would while watching a movie.

Storytelling works.

3. Check for plagiarism

Putting your content through a plagiarism checker of some kind is necessary.

It’s not because you’re plagiarizing intentionally, but we all make mistakes. Sometimes, you copy and paste some notes and forget to change a section of text or, if you write a lot, are plagiarizing yourself from having written about a similar topic before.

Whatever the case, run your content through a plagiarism checker as a final screen before you publish it. This will ensure uniqueness.


There you have it – three reasons unique content is important for SEO, and three tips to make yours unique.

Be sure to check out the blog if you’re looking for more SEO tips.

Happy writing!

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