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Why Your Business Can Grow with SEO Consulting Services

by | Apr 23, 2022 | SEO Strategy

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Despite the industry’s size and the clear benefits of search engine optimization, SEO consulting services continue to be underutilized in many sectors and industries. An SEO consulting company may be the answer you’re looking for if you struggle to get good results with ad networks like PPC. It’s completely understandable why most businesses choose ad networks before anything else.

They can provide immediate results, provided that you have a lot of ad budget to burn through – because at the end of the day, you’re still after ROI, and not all ad campaigns pay off.

There’s a considerable risk associated with running ads, especially if you don’t have a stellar team managing those keywords, the headlines, the ad copies, etc. In short, it’s not as simple as it seems. This would explain why many digital marketing agencies scuttle to find solutions to lagging ad campaigns every quarter.

Most of the world’s search traffic (92%) goes through Google. So it’s no surprise that almost every company and marketer want a piece of that pie.

 How SEO Consulting Can Provide Long Term Answers

Here’s the thing about a reliable SEO consulting firm – such firms are interested in helping your business stay visible. Unfortunately, however, all the ad budgets your competitors are pouring into Google and other search engines.

The benefit of appearing in other search engines is that we certainly want to cover all our bases. However, while Google is number one, don’t forget that people are also using more minor search services like Bing, Yahoo, and Ecosia, which plant trees for users after several searches.

An SEO consulting service would also be responsible for creating the overall strategy for your website. SEO involves several levels, from the ‘surface’ stuff like content to the more complicated code that helps search engines recognize how your website is organized and what your pages offer. Ultimately, the goal of professional SEO is to make your website as available as possible to human users and the AI crawling the internet to make it more accessible every day.

To be realistic, remember that Google cannot crawl every page on the internet. Google engineers say it all the time. It is physically impossible to do so. To aim for 100% coverage of all the billions of pages that exist right now will cost a lot of money, and there’s also little reason why Google would go that length to please customers.

SEO is the key that makes it possible for Google to constantly index and surface your content. If your site does not qualify based on Google’s algorithms, you won’t appear in searches. That’s the long and short of it. Visibility is essential for all digital businesses. And SEO happens to be that strategy that allows businesses to thrive even without PPC.

 Do SEO Consulting Services Support Growth?

Definitely! Good SEO is about growth and beating the challenges that prevent businesses from being competitive online. We know how you feel. We constantly deal with the fact that many companies who need our help have at least five powerful competitors who seem to know what they’re doing and thrive with organic content.

And yet, it’s never too late to start SEO and get it right. It’s never too late to win over competitors. And it is certainly never too late to revamp an old website, no matter how old it is, to get good results. So if you think that your twenty-two-year-old website doesn’t have what it takes to be competitive, you’re misinformed. If SEO is well-planned, any website can dominate, and you don’t just stop just because the results aren’t immediate.

We can compare SEO and PPC with buying a car and renting an Uber. Getting an Uber late at night is a lifesaver. No one wants to be stuck in the middle of nowhere at midnight. That’s kind of like how PPC works. If your business is getting zero sales or leads, and you’re just about to call it quits, PPC can provide a reprieve. However, when your PPC campaign is over, all those ads disappear, and you’re once again in the middle of the desert.

PPC costs rise in tandem with demand, just like an Uber journey. When you’re small, there are enough reasonably cheap, less complicated keywords to keep an inbound sales force happy—at least for the time being. However, when businesses grow and the need for more clients and sales grows, scaling with only PPC becomes increasingly expensive. When the traffic from the lower-cost keywords runs out, you’ll need to bid on increasingly expensive terms to keep growing. As a result, the acquisition cost rises steadily over time, eventually becoming untenable.

It takes time and a significant investment in content to get a company’s website to rank for critical keywords. There are thousands of keywords to target in any field, and Google favors websites that have built up a library of valuable content over time. Hundreds of pages of high-quality on-site SEO material and links from dozens of high-authority websites are required to get a website good enough to compete for high-value terms. Because timing is such an essential issue in SEO, it’s far better to assemble these materials as soon as possible.

The work necessary to keep a website’s rankings decreases drastically once it begins to rank. This means that just as the cost per mile of automobile ownership decreases as you drive more miles, the cost per acquisition of sales through SEO decreases over time. A single campaign cannot provide a company with all the leads it requires. However, SEO has a legitimate place in any marketing plan. When convenience and speed are priorities, PPC, like Uber, is a no-brainer. However, relying solely on ride-hailing apps for daily transportation isn’t a viable option when it comes to long-term planning. No firm can afford to neglect SEO if it wants to grow over time with a lower average cost per acquisition.

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